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The Sweet Egyptian Soil

by ko on 07/01/12 at 11:29 am

A little essay for my english honors class about my homeland.

I remember that night four years ago that changed me. Rolling down the giant sand dune and plopping into the water felt unbelievable in its splendor. I remember the sound of the wind rippling the dunes and the waves serenely gliding across the surface of the bay. I remember the sight of the skies ablaze with stars, all twinkling. I remember the feel of the cool sand against my skin. And foremost I remember the feeling of harmony perpetuating me; that night connected me to my homeland.

Image by Brooklyn Museum via Flickr

            Sidi Abd El Rahman is a small community on the Mediterranean Sea that people go to during summertime in Egypt to rent medium sized villas for a week or so. It is what people might call a little city; it has a central area with shops, a supermarket, and a gas station. The people there are friendly and they maintain their “city” very well. The beach is expansive, going on for about a mile and a half before ending at a giant sand dune my cousin nick named “White Chocolate Mountain”. The area around the dune was the location of the night that changed everything. I believe this place has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  It is located on a small bay which shields it from the ferocious Mediterranean. The water there is always cool and crystal clear. Every summer my entire extended family goes there and I just love it every time. It almost seems perfect.

            My summer paradise has sculpted my sense of belonging to my home county, Egypt. Most of my family lives there and Sidi is the best place to reunite with them once more. This haven linked me that night to the beauty of Egypt; before that trip, I never really enjoyed going there much as the annual Egypt trip I began to take for granted. I have been filled with an inner desire to spend my summers at “home”, and since that day I have been dying to go to Egypt every summer to reunite with it.

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