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Twenty Two CIA Agents Sentenced to Seven Years in an Italian Prison

by stevetheblogger on 19/09/12 at 3:31 pm

I recently wrote a series of five articles tracing the History of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). First of all can I thank you all for your amazing support in reference this article. This article traced the CIA from its all powerful beginnings in 1946 where they were untouchable through to the late 1980’s where they fell out of grace and were forced to accept more government and public control. What has just happened in Italy this week reinforces my claim that they are not the powerful force they used to be but are still attempting to break international and domestic code but now countries are not tolerating it.

This week the highest court in Italy upheld all 22 guilty verdicts on 22 American CIA agents all but one has been sentenced to seven years in prison the other will serve eight. This is the first time that American CIA agents have been tried and convicted for any clandestine operation any where in the World.

The conviction of these agents date back to 2003 when they abducted a gentleman by the name of “Abu Omar” on the streets of Milan flew him to an American air base in Milan, Tortured him, then flew him to Egypt where even more torture was carried out, including, beatings, electric shocks to the genitals and also so he says raped. Nasr was to spend four years in prison apart from a short period when he was placed under house arrest only being when an Egyptian court released him on the 11th February, 2007 ruling that his imprisonment was “unfounded”.

Extraordinary Rendition
International Law including the United States condemns the process of “extraordinary rendition”. Simply put this means the practice of transferring suspects to countries where torture is permitted. In other words the CIA could not have brought this gentleman back to the United States as officially (and I say this tongue in cheek) the United States does not condone torture hence why this man was taken to Egypt where torture is common practice.Nasr was not released again until February 11, 2007, at which time he was permitted to return to his family. After four years of detention, an Egyptian court ruled that his imprisonment was “unfounded. This time the CIA had been caught and brought to rights but not before a civilian was tortured for over 7 months and then placed in prison for four years as a means of keeping him quite. 

As for Mr Nasr he has filed a complaint a against former Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, demanding 10 million Euro of damage and interests “for his implication in the kidnapping as chief of the government and for having permitted the CIA to capture him. As  Silvio Berlusconi was aware of the operation and was in direct contact with agents it is thought Mr Nasr will get his money. That is if he lives.


Sources BBC UK and Wikepedia

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Sep 19th, 2012

Another interesting piece here Steve!

I heard about this, Thanks for the informative share Steve

jennifer eiffel01

Sep 19th, 2012

Very good. I did not hear about this.

Robin L

Sep 19th, 2012

Very informative share, Steve. Thank you:)

Martin Kloess

Sep 19th, 2012

Well written piece, thank you.


Sep 19th, 2012

So, what is to be done about all of this? Seems the unjust world we live in finds more and more extreme ways to make us all miserable.

Kharla Jolly

Sep 19th, 2012

It’s a shame the CIA has stooped to such evil practices, but good they are being punished for their crimes in Italy. These are only a few of the things that have been exposed. Imagine what else they’ve done through the years! Thanks, Steve for another excellent share.


Sep 20th, 2012

very intereting


Sep 20th, 2012

It’s scary that organisations can so easily take the law into their own hands…


Sep 21st, 2012

Interesting information.

Kristie Claar

Sep 25th, 2012

Interesting, well shared.

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