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Positive and Negative Effects of The Tourist Industry in Kenya

by lizzie79 on 31/03/11 at 4:32 am

A look at the influence that the tourist industry has on Kenya, taking into account both the positive and negative effects.

Tourism can have an impact on various aspects of a country.  These effects can be both negative and positive.  One country that experiences such effects is Kenya.  Many people visit this country to experience the different cultures and the wildlife their.  However, this tourism can create both a positive and negative impact on country, and these effects can be divided into different categories. 


First of all, let’s take a look at the positive effects that tourism has on Kenya.  One of the greatest benefits of tourism to Kenya is the economic influence.  Kenya is reliant on the inflows of foreign exchange from foreign tourists. Other economic sectors also benefit from the tourism industry.  This is called the multiplier effect.  Tourist revenue is also vital to all Kenyans as it passes through several layers of the Kenyan society.  One of the greatest tourist attractions in visiting Kenya is the game parks.  The one that earns the most tourism income is the Masai Mara.


It’s not only the economy that experiences a positive effect as a result of tourism.  The government of Kenya would have had very little interest in the preservation of wildlife, had it not been for the fact that the money from the game parks generates so much income.  As a result, there is much more surviving wildlife. 


There are also many negative effects of tourism on Kenya.  These can mainly be divided into three categories- social, economic and environmental effects.  In terms of economic effects, income from tourism can be unstable.  Events such as a car bomb in 2002 in Mombasa, rioting, the massacre of innocent tourists in Luxor and other events, led to a decline in tourism creating a loss of money in the tourist industry.  Similarly, tourism is dependent on the economic stability of other countries- if people have less money in other countries; they are unlikely to spend money visiting Kenya. 


One of the positive effects that have been discussed is the increased protection of wildlife as this is what attracts the tourists to Kenya.  However, tourism can also have a negative impact on the wildlife and environment.  Coral can be destroyed simply by brushing up against it.  Anchors on boats have a catastrophic effect on coral as any coral that the boat passes are immediately destroyed.  Tourists also take coral as souvenirs.  The safaris can also have a negative impact on the animals as it disturbs them in their natural habitat.  In a twenty year period, the population of wildebeest declined from around 800,000 to approximately 300,000, and this is only one example of how thee wildlife has been affected.  There are also too many visitors for such a small area and the trucks churn up the ground in the wet season. 


The final negative effect of tourism on Kenya that can be taken into account here is the social conflict.  Masai people have been driven off their land when the game reserves were set up.  This has created conflict between the tribe’s people and the authorities.  Farmers have also been affected as shortage of grazing land has forced them to move closer to the games reserves, where their crops are trampled by elephants and lions eat their cattle.


Overall, the effects of tourism in Kenya’s are similar to the effects of tourism in any country in the sense that there are both positive and negative influences on the economy, the environment and the society and community of a country.  Balancing these effects is important in maintaining the tourist industry in a country and getting the most benefits out of this industry and creating the least problems.   

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