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Another Sober Christmas

by Oluwakayode on 13/02/12 at 3:44 am

Religion hypocrisy.

      Once again, Christmas is here. The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ by Christians worldwide as peculiar to all nations of the world.

   I read an essay written by Ken Saro-Wiwa titled, A Sober Christmas in his collection, SIMILIA. In the essay, he talked about the religious hypocrisy that has eaten deep into the Nigerian society like cancer. The adherents of Christianity in Nigeria are increasing as the establishment of new ministries. However, it is unfortunate that the increase in the number of adherents does not culminate into a genuine relationship with God as a nation.  Ken said “Yet when we think of it, the upsurge of the new “churches” has certainly not meant an improvement in the moral tone of our nation.”

  When Saro-Wiwa wrote the essay, Nigeria was thirty nine and it saddens my heart that even at fifty one, the issue that was addressed twelve years ago is still prevailing and few or no one cares to do anything about it. Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world and it occupies the same position when corruption is mentioned.

  Moreover, it is so hard to tell if it is the adherents that are not firm enough as to allow themselves to be led astray, or the entire population of Nigeria is so corrupt that it is very difficult to survive in the society without getting soiled in the corrupt practices.

  It seems most people who claim to be faithful of the religion place more value on the name than the inherent philosophy. Twelve years has gone when Saro-wiwa saw the need to address this issue, and if I’m not mistaken, more than a million churches would have been established from that time till now. From the look of things the moral tone of Nigerians is better then, when the number of churches were few than now that we have a great upsurge of churches.

  Now, we need to enjoin those who profess the faith in Nigeria, I mean the faithful and all stakeholders to see this Christmas as a time of introspect, a time to cast our mind back to see where we have missed it. A time to build ourselves, individually in order to build our beloved society.

  I wish you all another sober Christmas!

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