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Camping in Temagami

by Mary Cassells on 12/01/10 at 6:52 am

I write about a canoe trip in Ontario.

Lady Evelyn’s Lake

There was an old log road.  I was falling backwards with the wooden wannagan strapped.  I felt like a beetle unable to get up.  More than my pride was sore.

I wore my swimsuit all the time. Some of the others wore nothing.

One of the sights was the Hudson Bay post.  It consisted of white buildings and red roofs.  An odd cottage.  Nothing but wilderness. 

We went through a part where a forest fire had swept through.  There were ferns in the ravaged area.

At another place there were some dead fish.

We didn’t come across a bear.  We did hear a loon.

My favorite part was the swimming.

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