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Cape Town – Amazing Holiday Destination

by sloshyd on 24/01/12 at 4:47 pm

Cape Town is the most underestimated holiday destination in the World. With so many attractions within 30 minutes of the city, Cape Town should be number one on your holiday wish list.

Coming To Cape Town

7 Months ago, I moved to Cape Town in order to help set up an organisation. Cape Town, or any part of South Africa for that matter, was nowhere on my radar as far as places I wanted to visit, let alone move to for an extended period. But, as life has a habit of doing, something came out of the blue and here we (myself, wife and 2 young kids) are, living in Cape Town – and loving it!

To say that Cape Town has completely surprised me and continues to surprise me would be totally understate the truth. From the moment I arrived I have had to completely change my preconceptions about this beautiful city of Cape Town. I have travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, Australia – my home land – and a bit of the USA, but I can honestly say that Cape Town is at the top of the list as far as cities I would recommend for people to visit. And here is why…

Cape Town Attractions – Table Mountain

The list of attractions in and around Cape Town is honestly too long to for this article. But I will give you the top ones and once your interest is spiked you can look further yourself. The obvious place to start any discussion on Cape Town is Table Mountain. This awe inspiring mountain overlooks the city creating one of the Worlds most spectacular city backdrops. The cable car that takes you to the top is fantastic and gives you great views the whole way up. If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can take one of the many trails up the mountain. You will need several hours and a lot of energy, but the sense of achievement and the views from the top make it all worth while. I have done it twice and will no doubt do it again.


Cape Town – Shark Cage Diving

I will admit straight up that I have not done this, but several of my friends have. There are dozens of companies who operate out of Cape Town and the dive sites are only an hour or so out of the city. The beauty of shark diving in Cape Town is that you do not need to have your scuba diving licence. They use special cages that allow you to sit at the surface and then just go under using snorkle and mask when a shark is approaching. If you are into scaring yourself for the fun of it then give shark diving a try.

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