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Inexpensive Family Safari in South Africa

by Tomkiss on 25/07/10 at 4:40 pm

Come visit the beautiful wilderness of the Repubic of South Africa at one of the family-organised safaris. You’ll be living with an authentic south African family for at least one week, while you can visit the modern metropolis of Johannesburg and Pretoria, see the rare white lions, watch the few remaining rhinos of Africa and enjoy the smells, sounds and sites this wonderful country has to offer.

It’s mid-winter the morning temperature is 4C, but soon it will be 20C as the rays of the strong winter sun heats up the atmosphere. The smell of coffee and breakfast calls as the small team of three Americans make their way downstairs at a family home in Greenside, Johannesburg. Today they will be visiting a nearby private saffari park. The fun-filled laughter fills the air as traditional local breakfast is consumed. the experienced tour guide calls them to sit insto their car and off they go. One hour to the wilderness is all it takes when you’re in South Africa. The group watch as game rangers track zebra, rhino and even a lion. They raise their arms for a shot – their camera’s batteries have all been charged the night before, so they wil have enough power and megabytes for todays foto shoot. By noon they’ve seen enough of the veld (pronounced ‘ felt ‘ , implying the tall grass and plains where the wildlife lives). They go to a nearby traditional restaurant where they eat pap and wors (ground corn meal and fried beef farmer sauasages known as boerewors) with chakalaka, a spicy hot vegetable garnish. This they down with a glass of good castle lager beer. After lunch it’s off to learn some of the country’s history at the Apartheid museum and gold-digging museum. In the evening they don warm blankets as they stand around the bond fire in the setting sun listening to the T-bone steaks sizzling on the traditional braai (barbeque) . It’s cold now but the winter in South Africa is almost like the summer in England, just no rain. 

Full more details on family safaris in South Africa, whether you are just interested or would like to know more about South Africa or perhaps even participate in such a 3-5-7 day event please be free to contact me (Mr. Tom Kiss) at sskmot@gmail.com and I’d be glad to help in any way I can.

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