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Pippie Kruger, Burn Victim. How is She Doing?

by joanofark on 19/09/12 at 3:32 pm

I am sure many of you are wondering how this beautiful little are doing! Let us see, here are some new photos of Pippie Kruger (3)

Pippie and her mother have been through so much in the past year that one cannot help to wonder, how they did this! This little blue-eyed girl stole South Africa’s hearts when she obtained 80%, third degree burns, in a freak accident New Years Eve 2012.

Pippie made history in South Africa, when she received the very first successful cloned skin grafts. What an amazing story.

When Doctors did not have hope anymore for this small little body, God just took over, and is everyday still intervening in her life.



Pippie’s face healed miraculously. The blue eyes of a beautiful angel!

Dr Mia, Pippie’s Doctor.

The man whom Pippie trusts more than anything in her small life. Her Dr Mia! She loves him so much. Pippie’s mother Anice can smile after such a long ordeal. Courage have been defined by this woman and her girl!

Pippie’s arm

Pippie have been working hard together with physiotherapists to try to regain her movement and functionality again. Pippie have to learn how to walk and speak again.

Pippie and Bobby van Jaarsveld

Pippie love all the attention, here a famous Afrikaans singer has visited her. He visited her and she loves his attention, and of course, he fell in love with her blue eyes!

Pippy Busy with Therapy

 Pippie is busy with therapy using popcorn! Does not seem like see is very interested!


So how is Pippie doing right now?

Pippie has been discharged, and although Anice gets discouraged at times, she cannot do anything else but to go one. So many angels all around have blessed the Kruger family in different ways that one can only be thankful.

This little angel and her family, have a story to tell and a big testimony for the world. There is an amazing plan been set out for them! Pippie we love you, little angel!


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alida Hein

Sep 19th, 2012

Dit is wonderlik kleine Pippie, jou vegtertjie, vir elke Afrikaner ‘n absolute voorbeeld mens moet glo en vertrou en kyk net wat gebeur, dankie mams en aan die pappie en familie en die dokters om dit met ons te deel, ag ek is so bly vir jul part\

Martin Kloess

Sep 19th, 2012

Well written piece, thank you.


Sep 20th, 2012

Hopefully she can continue getting treatment.


Sep 20th, 2012

Secre22 there have been a fund started for Pippie, and most of her medical bill and needs are being look after through this fund! Many people in South Africa has reached out to this family and they get blessed day-by-day! Just goes to show, there is still a few good people out there!

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