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What You Don’t Know About South Africa

by angela1992 on 20/09/12 at 9:37 am

Explains a few things people do not know about SOUTH AFRICA.

South Africa has been reported to be a violent african country latetly especially with the death of the people related to a strike by mine workers. And I do accept that it is one of the countries which has the highest crime rate and a very average conviction rate but I just want to let you know that it is not all bad as it is potrayed to be by broadcasters.

People from overseas always think that South Africa is a place where you wont find beautiful infrastructure, they think that people here walk with lions barefoot and hunt for a living but there is more to South Africa than wild life. Yes, we do eat McDonalds like other overseas countries and we also have private schools. We may have the highest rate of HIV/AIDs infections but there are health institutions that are there to offer help to those who need it. There are successful businesses that offer their services to overseas countries and we play a crucial role in the world economic system.

I just wish people would do their research before making assumptions that do not exist.We are not what we are potrayed in television to be,we do not have cows as “pets” but we own them as part of farming businesses. Crime is not as rife as it is reported to be, South Africa has safe places and it is a great holiday destination. We have the best universities that offer quality education and great musicians that have perfomed all over the world. We have got great clubs to party at during the weekend and we are a loving country.Apartheid is becoming a thing of the past and we are re-building the country slowly but surely. So yes, I do hate it when people think we are some small hungry country because that is not who we are, we are hard workes and care very much for each other and take good care of outside visitors.

So when your making plans about where to visit this year, do not forget that South Africa is always ready to welcome you with warm hands.

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