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Us Consulate Attacked in Libya

by lynksys on 13/09/12 at 1:29 pm

Brief overview of the attack on an US Consulate in Libya.

On September 13th, 2012 a U.S. Consulate Building in Benghazi was attacked by armed Libyan extremists. Although the exact causes for the attack are not yet known. Just an hour before the attack, protesters camped outside of the U.S. building to protest a recent American movie – one that they believed degraded Muhammad. During this time, armed gunmen seemed to join the protesters. They did not carry signs nor chant slogans. Instead, they simply opened fire at the government building.

Soon after, the armed extremists entered the compound and set the building aflame. During this time, due to the thick smoke in the narrow halls, the late U.S. Ambassador was separated from the U.S. Security Officer. During the first moments of the fighting, U.S. and Libyan forces were heavily outnumbered and outgunned by the Islamic Extremest.

After several hours of fighting, U.S. and Libyan forces managed to drive out the gunmen and retake the building.

The total loss of American lives number at 4.

Two additional people were reported as wounded. It count for the gunmen is unconfirmed.

It is still unclear how Steven’s body ended up at a Libyan hospital and his cause of death. More will be known after the autopsy.


As evidence continues to be evacuated from the scene, there is indication that the attack had been planned for some time. It is likely that the attack was performed as a reaction to a #2 Commander being killed by a U.S. Drone Strike some time ago.

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