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by Abang Zul on 31/01/12 at 4:29 am

Trucks Equipment.

Have you ever seen this thing? Usually it is installed on the rear wheel hub of a heavy vehicle. You would be wondering, “What is that about?”

The name is ‘HUBODOMETER’ so called HUB-odometer. Sometimes it is also called HUBOMETER also HUBO just as easy.

Used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle. Eh? Is not every vehicle has no odometer on his own? For what yet another installed?

Oh yes .. Normally it is installed in heavy vehicles. More often, it is installed on the vehicle with no odometer.

Eh? (again ..) There is nothing on the odometer?

Hehe .. there … How about the trailer?

Oh Yes!

To measure the extent to which a trailer is moved over the years, HUBODOMETER very useful indeed. Also used to measure the extent to which each tire on the vehicle are used.

HUBODOMETER been used since the year 1952 abroad. The whole part rotates with the wheel except for a weight attached to the internal shaft. It will still be pointing down and the mechanism of the body hubometer calculations revolve around it. The mechanism that is what drives the numbers on the analog dial.

As time goes on HUBODOMETER expanding it’s technology. To this day, there are HUBODOMETER that can transmit data to satellites, use for surveillance of the vehicle from a distance.

There is also HUBODOMETER that can be used in extreme conditions such as extreme sports event like four-wheel drive and Rally Events..

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