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Azkals Rock AMAIUB Campus — Dr. Mariano Marchan, Jr.

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It was a month ago when the Azkals visited the Kingdom of Bahrain for the first time, on the occasion of the First Bahrain-Philippines Football Games 2011 (July 16-18). Yet the memories they left behind are still fresh.

AMAIUB Center for General Education (CGE) professor and CGE Quality Assurance representative,Dr. Mariano D. Marchan Jr., recalls how the Azcals rocked AMAIUB campus during their historic visit.

Dr. Mariano D. Marchan, Jr. with CGE Dean Dr. Lani Isleta-Palatino

“The  Philippines men’s national football team popularly known as the Azkals, with their team manager Mr Dan Stephen Palmi, rocked AMAIUB campus on July 16, 2011 during their courtesy call to the university administration officials, Dr. Alma V. Dela Cruz, Vice President for Academics; Dr. Marie Redina M. Victoria, Vice President for Administration; Madam Buena Gracia A. Canzana, Head of Administration; and Dr. Emelin M. Magada, Head of Academic affairs,” informs Dr. Mariano D. Marchan, Jr. of the university’s Center for General Education.

“After having called on the office of the head of administration, Madam Buena Gracia A. Canzana, the team proceeded to the university auditorium for a brief conference with students, faculty members, administrative staff, and some media men. The Azkals team, team manager, coaches, and trainers were presented to the audience by Dr. Lani Isleta-Palatino, Dean of the Center for General Education,” further remarks Dr. Marchan

Dr. Marchangoes on to state that “on July 17, the Azkals had a special practice with the AMAIUB Football Team at about 7pm at Muharraq Club Stadium. The AMAIUB Football Team showed their prowess, unity, and fighting spirit during the game. The game ended in a draw.”

“The Azkals  were outscored (2-1) in their first match with the Bahrain Olympic Team on July 16 at  Bahrain National Stadium. In their second match on July 18, they lost to the superior Olympic team of Bahrain (0-1),” Dr. Marchan further states. ”But they have their mark in the hearts of football fans, who noticed their sense of respect for self and others that defines their dignity, and the values of professionalism, sportsmanship, and friendship with which they exude.”


The four Marys at Bahrain International Airport, waiting for the Azkals’ arrival: Ma’am Marites de Alday, Ma’am Thelma Colesio, Ma’am Roma Pabillore, and Ma’am Remy Quinto.

Azkal Phil Younghusband

First game with Bahrain’s Football Olympic Team

Before the game, practicing…with Miss Marites de Alday :-)

…and pausing to pose for a picture: lucky Miss Marites de Alday with Phil Younghusband :-)

I know what you’re thinking… No, they are not the Azkals yet– but adoring and adorable Azkals fans! (L-R) Ma’am Roma Pabillore, Dr. Lucy Banta, Sir Randy Mana, Miss Marites de Alday, Dr. Roger Reyes, Ms. Remy Quinto, Ms. Thelma Colesio, and Ms.  Lynn Castillo.

Azkals well-wishers at Bahrain National Stadium: (l-r) – Dr. Lucy Banta, Ma’am Lynn Castillo, Dr. Janet Sideno, Ma’am Remy Quinto, and Ma’am Marites de Alday. 

The Azkals in a press con at AMA International University-Bahrain auditorium

L-R: Dr. Aileen Caday, Miss Marites de Alday, Mr. Phil Younghusband, Dr. Manolo Antu, and Ma’am Thelma Colesio. 


One more…! :-)

AMAIUB Head of Administration, Madam Buena Gracia A. Canzana, greets the crowd at Bahrain National Stadium, where the Azkals are to play their second game with Bahrain’s Football Olympic Team

University Head of Facilities, Engr. Joseph Warren Moises with Ma’am Marites de Alday and Ma’am Thelma Colesio.

Part of the crowd excitedly waiting for the game to begin.







Miss Marites de Alday with Mr. Philip Younghusband

Joining the Azkals: the AMAIUB Football Team (seated first row), with University Student Affairs Head, Mr. Mahmood Jozi (5th from left).

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