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Beautiful Bangladesh – School of Life!

by debasishetc on 11/06/12 at 11:53 pm

Bangladesh is a small independent country in Asia.The people from Bangladesh is very hospitable and they love to mix with people of other culture.This article describes you about beautiful locations and pictures from Bangladesh.This pictures can make Bangladesh an ultimate destination for your vacation.

The lady above is in a typical Bangladeshi dress.She is wearing one flower ornaments in her head.Wearing a simple Bangladeshi saree and the ornament or necklace that she is wearing in her neck is made up of soil.After burning the soil this type of ornaments are made and bronze color is been put on the ornament.From the picture you can imagine that Bangladesh is a land of beauties.Don’t worry reader this is just starting.More to come.

The above picture is from the largest seach beach of the world which is named as “COX’S BAZAR SEA BEACH”.You believe or not this is the largest sea beach in the world.The length of the sea beach is 171 kilometers.The beach view is just beautiful enough to drive you to this ultimate destination.You will be able to see the beach from the hotels that you will choose for staying.The food is just cool.You can also do surfing in this beach.

From the above picture you can see that one fisherman is catching fish with a traditional kind of net which he is throwing in the water.People in village always use this kind of net to catch fish.

The above picture is of Godess Durga.This Godess is been worshipped by Hindu people.The Durga Puja is the biggest festival for the Hindu Community in Bangladesh.

The above pictures are the pictures of “Ilsha” fish.This is the national fish of Bangladesh.This fish is very tasty.You can fry it and eat.You can boil it and eat.You can burn it and it.In all the ways this fish is very tasty.The another interesting part about this fish is ,this fish is available in both river and sea.When they lay egges at that time they come to the river water and people usually catch those fish from river.

The above picture is a ralley from the Bengali Happy New Year.This is called as Noboborsho.People wear different kinds of colorful dress and show the traditional things on that day.This is the biggest festival of the People of Bangaldesh.

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Jun 11th, 2012



Jun 12th, 2012

Wow wonderful article I really enjoyed it. The pictures are stunning I would so much like to see it all in person. I look forward to reading your next article.
Best Wishes

Wrath Warbone

Jun 12th, 2012

It really does look like a beautiful place!


Jun 12th, 2012

Beautiful photos. Very educational article. I liked it. Thanks for sharing it.

hebb swenton

Jun 12th, 2012

Fasinating article, with the photos a perfect complement to your word description.

i churya

Jun 12th, 2012

WOW, your article is colorful with all your photos. i like it!

Val Mills

Jun 12th, 2012

This looks such a tempting destination! Looking forward to reading more about your country.


Jun 12th, 2012

Beautiful country..
thanks for share,,


Jun 12th, 2012

You bring the place to life with your commentary and pictures. Make me want to get up and catch the next flight. Really enjoyed this post.

Lorna Z

Jun 12th, 2012

fascinating and colorful, thanks for the share.


Jun 12th, 2012

The pictures are nice. Enjoy reading it.


Jun 13th, 2012

Very nice & detailed article


Jun 13th, 2012

Great article for share….


Jun 13th, 2012

Great tourist destination should be your country. Thanks for commenting me also.

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