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Beautiful Women and Black Sand Found on The Island of Tahiti Love

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Tahiti is called the "island of love". Honeymoon here newlyweds spend one thousand a year. Integral backdrop of their stay then they are in the typical Polynesian dancers clothing to them at the airport around the neck can be a floral wreath. Today, anyone not irritated or their typical Polynesian dance. Even in the first half of the 20th century, but was banned and its pursuit of Europeans regarded as something indecent.

Do Francouzské Polynésie vyrážejí jak milovníci romantiky, tak ti, co mají rádi minimum lidí, exkluzivní ubytování i dobrodružství.

The tale of a Tahitian, Polynesian dance and culture unusual for Europeans to continue in a mini series about French Polynesia. In previous episodes we’ve been sinfully expensive luxury Bora Bora and rebellious Huahine.

Tahitian dance is not only a great tourist attraction but also a basis of Polynesian culture. “Dancers through their movements tell stories. His dance, which often has an erotic undertone, do not want to shock anyone, it is perfectly natural for them, “says expert Polynesian culture. The first Europeans, but condemned him for more than a century, even banned.

Tiaru, květinu za ucho, vám dají tahitské dívky hned na letišti.

Tiara, a flower behind your ear, you can Tahitian girls at the airport.

Tahiti – the island of love, beautiful Polynesian dancers and sensual dancing

Today is a Polynesian dance popular tourist attraction. Go to Tahiti and Tahitian dance performances fail to see is almost sin. This itself is lounging at the pool. Tahiti, which is of volcanic origin, with its miles of beautiful beaches with black sand. These are mainly in the north, the south is a white sand, partly imported.

Tahitská kultura je naprosto unikátní a snadno rozpoznatelná.

Tahitian culture is very unique and easily recognizable.

The center not only of the island of Tahiti, but not the whole of French Polynesia is a city Papeete. This will never be one of his enduring love chaos in the very first time and the others want him to never come. But the mistake would be not to spend in the maze of streets at least one afternoon. “The backbone of the city’s tabloids Pomare with banks, shops and hotels, “explains the form guide. “Not far from him is the marketplace Marché de Papeete. On Saturday morning, here comes the top shopping spree, and that’s more than 250 years. “Get here substances, fruit, jewelry, vegetables and freshly captured fish.

The main town, but it’s not “real postcard Tahiti. Comes to life while dusk and the bars, restaurants and entertainment establishments to close the wound, but as you have sun and beaches in other parts of the main island, or one of the smaller islands in its vicinity.

I na ostrově Tahiti fungují jako ubytování pro turisty luxusní bungalovy přímo nad vodou.

I work on the island of Tahiti as a tourist accommodation luxury bungalows by the water.

The Air Tahiti is shaped like a figure eight. De facto, it is the main island – Tahiti Nui, Smaller Tahiti Iti and numerous smaller islets, called motu, in their immediate vicinity. On these luxury residences are scattered and romantic bungalows on the beach or just above the water surface. Not surprisingly, I often set off on the newlyweds honeymoon.

Spice may be watching dolphins, whales, which arrive here with young, or a diving course. In French Polynesia it is ideal. Visibility is extremely high, sometimes up to 40 meters underwater for beginners do not expect any danger, but rather colorful underwater theater.

Bydlet je ale možné i v chýších s luxusním interiérem uprostřed zeleně.

Somewhere it is possible even in sheds with a luxurious interior, surrounded by greenery.

Tahiti is famous works of long ago Paul GauguinWho lived there for several years and dropped the beauty of local women. Moreover, the admiring tourists today. To their luck, despite a big rush of Tahiti and French Polynesia, all retain a traditional character and continues to fascinate Europeans, their sensuousness and joy of life.

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