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China Travel Guide: 10 Places to Visit in Guangzhou (Part One)

by LCM Linda on 12/01/12 at 3:35 am

I will recommend 10 places to visit in Guangzhou China in two separate articles. Part one will cover those locate close to Guangzhou metro stations.

Guangzhou is a famous city of China and there is the big trade event, Canton Fair, held annually. Other than trade, tourists will find many interesting places to visit. Ten attractions will be recommended. Since Guangzhou is large, some attractions locate in the populous areas and are accessible by underground railways, whereas, others are far away and take a longer traveling time to get there. This list is in a special order, starts from those in city centre to suburban. Part one will cover the first five attractions. They can be reached by Guangzhou Metro, directly or with an additional bus trip. All photos are taken by the author.

1. Yuexiu Park

(Decoration in Yuexiu Park)

Go to this park is easy, simply ride by Guangzhou metro Line Two and get off at Yuexiu Park station. It has seven mounts and three artificial lakes. The mountain was an ancient military stronghold, trace back to Ming Dynasty. The park retains five historical relics and adds seven modern views. It is a famous sight for tourists and locals.

2. Guangzhou Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall

Tourists can visit this attraction by taking Guangzhou metro Line Two and get off at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station. Sun Yat-sen is a great forerunner of Chinese revolution. Visitors can learn what things this great man did and the modern China history. There are many exhibitions and a big statue outdoors. The main building is used to hold different events.

3. Chen Clan Academy

This attraction locates at Chen Clan Academy Station, a Guangzhou metro Line One station. Originally it was a school to get students prepared for the imperial examinations in Qing Dynasty. It is a cultural heritage and the place for the Guangdong Museum of Folk Handicrafts now. There are different kinds of art pieces exhibited. The architecture is also interesting. It is a symmetric complex, a remarkable demonstration of traditional Chinese building and decoration.

4. Baiyun Mountain

(Decoration in Baiyun Mountain)

The fame of this big mountain can be traced back to the Warring States Period of ancient China (476 BC-221 BC). Baiyun Mountain has been a famous scenic spot for many dynasties and even now. Tourists can get there by riding Guangzhou metro Line One to Tianhe Sports Center Station and change bus no. 1, and get off at Yuantai Garden. You can climb the mountain directly or enjoy a cable car ride. There are several different sightseeing zones. Enjoy the scenery from different peaks, the natural hills and waters.

5. XiangJiang Safari Park Guangzhou

(Monkey show)

Opened at 1997, this Safari Park has over 460 different animals inhabited, including panda, koala, white tiger, polar bear and other precious animals. Tourists can take Guangzhou Metro Line 3 to get off at Hanxi Chimelong Station and then go by bus. The Park is large and divided into different zones. You can take a train ride, by walk or by your own car to tour around. There are many interesting performances such as monkey show, elephant show, white tiger show and bird show. Make sure you get the free park map at the entry and note the show schedule. It takes almost a day to visit all corners and many tourists prefer to watch the marvelous evening show offered by Chime-Long International Circus, whose venue is close to this Safari Park.

(Chime-Long International Circus)

Since the captioned attractions are easy to reach, they are crowded with visitors. In separate article, I will recommend another five attractions that are farther away, but still worthy to take time going there for a visit.


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Good places to see. And I prefer going to XiangJiang Safari Park Guangzhou. I love to see those animals.


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