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Interesting Ancient City: Forbidden City

by eylulhira on 31/08/11 at 11:30 am

Interesting city: Forbidden City.

Beijing, the Forbidden City, called one of the places to see, long time, the Chinese emperor and the palace, and the state as a function of a city that has done Reay place to live. Orientalists of the complex by the Chinese for the administrative center of the universe known as the Forbidden City in the City; zihincheng. The center of the country, which means that the center of the city, this name expresses a certain extent, the importance for China.

Depending on the ancient palace of the Forbidden City, like the Topkapi Palace in us. But building a second, are unique in the world. The Forbidden City was founded on an area of ​​approximately 720 hectares. 800 buildings and 9999 rooms.

The Forbidden City in Beijing, capital of China, the largest and best preserved ancient architectural complex in wood. In addition, the Forbidden City, the 74-acres now has the distinction of being the world’s largest palace as a museum.

Forbidden City History

This is so called because the ancient palace, the Forbidden City, built palaces in, then the state manages the emperor, to ensure the safety of the building, or rather, mansion, located in the vast, vast gardens, including a large wall the  wall, those who live in the outside walls have come out of someone out to get in this is because prohibited. It is interesting to note that even the Emperor himself, at any time outside this city.

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