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Photo: Great Wall Vagina

by wolfff on 15/12/11 at 4:34 pm

Female body has always been fascinated by artists and those with a passion to show his paintings or in the form of statues and other works of art. Today we bring you an artist fascinated by the woman’s vagina so that he decided to create a truly original and controversial work – the so-called "Great Wall vagina" (Eng. "The Great Wall of Vagina"), which has a respectable length of nine meters!

The author of this work is a British artist Jamie McCartney. His work is the epitome of400 pieces of different women’s vaginas. Do you wonder how they ”created”? This is a cast of intimate body parts of female body. Jamie McCartney is also the founder ofa study titled Bodycasting Brighton, where you may have to make casts of variousbody parts. Why choose nevedno vagina.

Origin of vaginas
Jamie McCartney worked on this masterpiece five years and the emergence ofwomen were involved - volunteers - from all over the world, different age or status.Interesting and must be cast preoperovaných vaginas men, women, or womenvaginas castings before and after childbirth or surgery vagina. On the wall of the vagina and see mothers and daughters or identical twins.

Their private parts they had the following perpetuate women aged 18-76 years. Well,it must surely be an interesting look, you say?Pornography? But Not at all!
If you just say that such an exciting sexy show would you like to look at your eyes, stopdrooling. Is not a matter of pornographic nature and objectives of this work of art is much deeper. Seriously. And what specifically?

The aim of the Great wall of vaginas is not primarily to shock but to educate women and men on the field, which is still somewhat taboo. Many women by Jamie know that a woman’s womb and vagina are different, and their appearance depends on many factors. Artist wants to highlight the beauty and originality of these women’s bodies, and believes that thanks to his work that women realize that there is no perfectuniversal form of intimate female body parts.

His intention is to eventually stop and the increasing trend skrášľovacích plastic surgeries vagina. Jamie is a master. Respect!FOTO: Veľká stena VAGÍN

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