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Hong Kong Travel Guide: Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

by LCM Linda on 06/06/11 at 12:26 am

Tourists can learn the past of Hong Kong, see the military relics, unique old stuff and enjoy a good sea view in Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence.

Hong Kong is famous for its business development. There are many tall buildings around. Large shopping malls are everywhere. It is difficult to imagine this prosperous city has once been a battlefield and has fallen into enemy’s hand. To have a glimpse of the past history and enjoy a show of unique old stuff, welcome to visit Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence. All photos are taken by the author.

Basic information

(Reception area)

Travel by MTR and get off at Shau Kei Wan station, follow the signpost then, visitors will reach the reception area in 15 minutes walk. This museum is closed on every Thursday except public holiday. Free admission is available on every Wednesday. Admission fee is HKD10 each. Opening time is 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence can be divided into three main areas: reception area, redoubt and historical trail. Sometimes films will be shown. Tourists can check the theme and showtime online in advance.


(Display section)

Before entering the reception hall to buy the ticket, don’t forget to take a look at the loading guns, military vehicles and tank.

A few more loading guns, military vehicles, torpedoes and torpedo station can be seen in different areas.

Exhibition Galleries

(An exhibit of the “Cultural Relics of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom” exhibition)

There are total 11 exhibition galleries showing 600-year history of coastal defence. Five permanent galleries are closed from 25 March to 31 December 2011 for stating the “Cultural Relics of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom” exhibition. If the permanent galleries are not closed temporarily, visitors will learn history and see stuff earlier back to Ming Dynasty in 1368.

Permanent galleries no. 6 to 11 all continue showing the modern history of Hong Kong, namely the British period, Japanese’s invasion and occupation, and troop development. There are different kind of uniforms, equipment, firearms, armed weapons, shells, documents such as the identity card issued by the Japanese Occupation Government and money. Tourists will have a brief idea on the military development and life of Hong Kong people in the past.


(The restored redoubt)

The redoubt, built in 1887, was the main building of the whole Lei Yue Mun Fort. It has 18 basements serving different functions such as barrack rooms, magazines, shell store and coal store. It was also armed by two disappearing guns and surrounded by a ditch. There are batteries built nearby, at different locations to protect the Lei Yue Mun Channel.

The redoubt has been restored and it is the core structure of the museum now. There are two levels with 11 exhibition galleries, gift shop, children’s corner, cafeteria, and toilet facilities. French windows at the upper level show a fine view of the Victoria Harbor.

Historical Trail

(A replica of torpedo in the torpedo station)

There are several military relics in the historical trail. Visitors will see batteries and magazine stores, South, North and West Caponiers, a ditch, water tank, oil store, torpedo station, gunpowder factory.

The historical trail is particularly enjoyable because it is either surrounded by trees or at the waterfront where you can enjoy the view of the Lei Yue Mun Channel.

(Inside a battery)

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence shows the past with unique old stuff and a good sea view. If you are not going to watch a film, it will take approximately one and a half or two hours to tour around. It is worthy of spending a morning there. After this museum visit, tourists can ride by MTR and go to other attractions fast and easily.


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