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Agricultural Festivals in India

by Durgabala on 07/08/10 at 1:30 pm

One of the famous harvesting festivals in India.

Agricultural festivals dominate other festivals in India. Almost all the states celebrate agricultural festivals in the time between Januarys to September. Agriculture is the main occupation in most part of the country. People celebrate it as thanksgiving to the lord and the ‘Bhoomi’ (the Earth). One such agricultural festival is the festival from Chhattisgarh, Hariyali Kora Navkhani.

This festival is celebrated in the month of September and October. The Hindus name it as ‘Shravan ka mahina’, Shravan means symbol of agricultural prosperity. The people of Chhattisgarh are mostly agriculturists who take pride in cultivating rice and other pulses and enjoy their reap by celebrating with much pomp and favor. Hariyali and Kora are celebrated in the month of September, meaning greenery and plentiful, whereas Navkhani is celebrated in October. The word ‘Navkhani’ means eating the new crop and offering the new harvest to the forefathers.

Hariyali Kora Navkhani is celebrated with great enjoyment and liveliness. The people mostly tribal wear colourful dresses and ornaments.  It’s a thanksgiving day so they celebrate the occasion with full energy and happiness. It is the most important agricultural festival. The whole village is lively and all the people pamper themselves and participate in merry making. Songs and dances dominate the festivity. People prepare sweetmeats at home and offer to their respective deities.

During Hariyali Kora Navkhani, farmers and their family offer prayers to their farming equipments and cows, bullock being the major animal which is used in farming. Now tractors are replacing the animals, but farmers still worship the cows on this day. People also place braches and leaves of an auspicious tree called ‘Bhelwa’ on the fields and pray for good harvest. There is a universal acceptance that hanging a bunch of Neem leaves on the door step during this period wades off seasonal diseases.

This festival not only marks the welcome of new harvest but also a thanksgiving day to the lords and forefathers. It is the day when the cows enjoy a holy bath and pampering. They are worshipped and offered their favorite food. Thus Hariyali Kora Navkhani festival is a joyous one. It brings prosperity to many. For many it’s a new beginning of life.

The farmers toil all the year round for such good reaps. They face the heat and cold weather to bring prosperity to the land. The grains in their hands are the fruit of their sweat. So this festival is a good gesture to thank mother earth and other lords who give strength to these farmers to reap rich. It’s their bread and butter. 

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