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Darjeeling The Scenic Hill Station with Astounding Beauty

by arvindsingh on 19/09/12 at 2:16 am

Located in the state of West Bengal, somewhat at a distance of 89 kms from the plains of Siliguri, Darjeeling is a picturesque hill station endowed in the superb beauty of the nature.

Located in the state of West Bengal, somewhat at a distance of 89 kms from the plains of Siliguri, Darjeeling is a picturesque hill station endowed in the superb beauty of the nature. Crispy fresh aromatic hills, charming natural beauty, cascading waterfalls, manicured tea gardens and the interesting places of interest make this little town located in the cozy lap of the Kanchan Junga a perfect place to relish and enjoy. It is astoundingly beautiful and attracts thousands of hundreds of tourists from all over the world. The land with charming and alluring tourism attractions, Darjeeling entices the visitors with its alluring beauty that can hardly be describe in words.  

There are so many alluring Destinations in Darjeeling that deserve the attention of the visitors. But among the many some of the alluring place of interest that one cannot miss to visit or explore are highlighted as below:

Batasia Loop

Located just 7 kms from the main town of Darjeeling, Batasia Loop is a engineering marvel. It is at this spot the Darjeeling toy train seems to touch its head and tail making a complete round of 360 degree, showing the technique and engineering marvel in Darjeeling. It is truly a wonderful tourist spot from where you can enjoy the alluring charm of the nature as well as the panoramic view of the Kanchan Junga at its very best.

Darjeeling Zoo

Darjeeling Zoo or Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is another important tourist attraction in Darjeeling. Located just 2 kms from the main town of Darjeeling the zoo is well known for its exquisite collection of rare species of Himalayan birds and animals. Red Panda is also there, the rare species kept for breeding. Inside the park, HMI Museum is also there where you can see various equipments (rare of its kinds) used by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary during their Mount Everest Expedition are kept for public view. It is truly a place of delight for those who love nature and animals.

Darjeeling Tea Gardens

The manicured tea gardens of Darjeeling are renowned globally for its high quality production of tea leaves. Darjeeling has good number of tea gardens from where the world’s best tea leaves are produced and is made ready for the market for delivery.

Some of the famous tea gardens are Happy Valley Tea Estate, Pattabong, Singla, Soureni, Vah Tukvar, Runglee Rongliot, Teesta Valley, Orange Valley, Makaibari, Margret’s Hope, Gopaldhara, Giddapahar, Castleton, Balasun, Avongrove and Glenburn. These are the famous  tea gardens in Darjeeling from where the world best tea leaves are plucked, packed and are made ready for delivery.

Well apart from all these, there are so many alluring Darjeeling Tourist Places, which grab the attention of tourists from far and wide. One can go for a nature tour or adventure tour leisure holidays. But to make the tour more enjoyable one should book the tailor made tour packages that come with exclusive offer and budget.

After tour in Darjeeling one can precede their journey to Sikkim, a charming hill state endowed with unparallel natural beauty.  Sikkim has won several awards for maintaining the greenery and the rich flora and fauna. The government is also taking initiatives and is promoting the tourism in Sikkim with full efforts, which has helped in the increase in number of tourists visiting. More of all, several travel and tourism companies have put up their offices in Sikkim, who are also paying a model role in the growth of Sikkim tourism. They are also providing several tailor made Sikkim tour packages with exclusive offer and at an affordable budget, so that every single visitors can enjoy and spend holidays in Sikkim with lots of happiness and joy. It is truly a wonderful destination where one can enjoy holidays with fun and joy and take back home rewarding experience to relish in forever.

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