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Great Architectural Work of India (Delhi) Akshardham

by shujaktk on 18/02/11 at 7:18 am

Akshardham delhi.

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Akshardham delhi

Akshardham is an addition to the long list of the glittering jewels of delhi. The creator of the magnificent swaminarayan akshardham is pramukh swami maharaj, the spiritual leader who heads the baps or the bochasanvasi aksharpurushottam swaminarayan sanstha. This sacred work of layout was conceived by yogiji maharaj, the teacher of pramukh swami maharaj. 

Akshardham, delhi is a replica of the akshardham temple present in gandhinagar, gujarat. The temple in delhi was open by the then president apj abdul kalam on november 7, 2005. 

The layout of this spectacular monument has been inspired from the ancient vedic texts or the sthaptya shastra, which features varied of architecture styles from different parts of india. The centre of the complex houses a 141-ft high building dedicated to bhagwan or lord swaminarayan. The entire building is made up of italian marble and pink sandstone obtained from rajasthan. A huge golden sculpture of lord swaminarayan rests under the central dome in the building. The meaning of this temple on the banks of the yamuna river, hiding over 100 acres, adds to the holiness of the unit of air pressure. 

The akshardham temple essays the importance and beauty of ancient indian layout along with the indian traditions and reflects quality of being spiritual. The essence of akshardham lies in its meaning; akshardham means the abode of eternal values, the divine abode of god! the beauty of the temple lies in the ornate column, statues and floral order throughout. Lush green glade, trees, shrubs and water fountains make up the bharat upavan thereby proving to be a nice trip for the young and the old alike. 

The akshardham temple also follows the tradition of lighting lamps or diyas on the entire premises towards sunset. Those visiting this sacred place should make it a point to stay for a while after sunset so as to experience the beauty of a lamp-lit marvel!

Everyone visiting this temple returns with a huge treasure – that of knowledge! yes, there are various exhibition halls which play audio-visual gift proving to be informative sessions. The first hall which is called sahajanand pradarshan presents a show on incidents from lord swaminarayan’s life. The gift aims at passing the message of modesty, peace and harmony along with aid to god, nation and men. 

Nilkanth kalyan yatra is the second hall or theatre that plays a movie on the journey of lord swaminarayan across india during his teenage days.

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Feb 18th, 2011

Very beautiful place. Sometimes I want to go to India but the distance hinders


Feb 18th, 2011

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I would like to visit Taj Mahal: our Babur state Khan’s Shah Jahan
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Issue 6,Version 2.0 page 63 to 75. Last page is about Ramanujan.

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Feb 19th, 2011

Hello. This is a very readable and well-researched article about Akshardham Temple in New Delhi. Most of my relatives live in New Delhi near this temple. This is one of the wonders of architecture just like Taj Mahal in Agra. Thanks for sharing.


Mar 25th, 2011

haha great idea for an article, my bags always a complete mess!!
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