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India- The Land of Superstitious Beliefs

by intigritti on 24/04/10 at 12:57 pm

Here are some superstitious Indian beliefs that have been followed since aeon’s ago.

India is a land of diversity, religion, culture, festivals and also superstitious beliefs! Being a citizen of India, I have been exposed to some of the most bizarre beliefs since childhood. Here are a few of those.

The most famous superstition- The Black Cat Crossing!

Indians, mostly people following the religion of Hinduism believe that if a black cat crosses your path, when on your way to a certain meeting, appointment, exam, or something important, you can forget about it, however important it is, and head back home, because it would be a disaster!

The Fingernail Robbery!

Hindu’s believe that, after one cuts out his fingernails, if anyone stamps on it, the house of the person, whose fingernails got stamped, will probably be robbed that night!

Don’t Sneeze Please!

When a person sneezes right when you are leaving home, people consider it a bad omen and sit down for a few minutes before they leave again!

Left Eyebrow!

Hindu’s believe that when your left eyebrow twitches, something good is bound to happen to you!

Death through a lizard!

There is a false superstition that if a lizard falls on your head, you are going to die soon. To dissolve the sin of it, people go to a temple in south-east India, named Kanchi, in TamilNadu, where, by touching the statues of the golden and the silver lizards, the sin is renounced.

Revenge of the Serpent!

Hindu’s don’t take too kindly to killing snakes as they believe that the snake would get its revenge sooner or later, in its next life by killing you are a member of the family!

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