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Kerala Tours- A Trip to &Lsquo;gods Own Country’

by travelzone2010 on 26/05/12 at 6:12 am

Well! Tour Kerala & explore its diverse attractions and don’t forget to taste appetizing spicy cuisines of this heavenly state.

Kerala is an incredible country to explore. This beautiful destination is mainly known for its tranquil backwaters, exciting beaches, traditional houseboats, exotic wildlife destination, stunning hill stations, cascading waterfall, historical forts, monuments and tranquil lakes. All these attractions hold unmatched beauty and endless panorama that is immensely admired by the vacationers. Millions of travelers every year visit this beautiful destination from all the corners of the world.

Backwaters are the famous attraction of Kerala that are known for its exclusive beauty and eternal panorama. Having a backwater cruise in Kerala makes you enjoy green paddy fields, ancient structures, gorgeous surroundings and stunning sunrise and sunsets. Further, these backwater rides can be best enjoyed on the traditional houseboats of the state. Immensely filled with luxurious amenities, Kerala’s houseboats endow you with a lavish and comfortable stay. One finds a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and deck in these houseboats. With a luxurious stay and lavish surroundings, Kerala’s houseboats will definitely endow you with an alluring experience. One should not miss the famous kerala backwater cruise during their Kerala tours. india Holidays

Apart from Kerala’s backwaters, one can also explore various beaches of Kerala. The beaches in Kerala are popular for housing scrumptious restaurants, appealing resorts, beautiful surroundings and thrilling water sports activities. Most rousing beach to catch in Kerala is the gorgeous Kovalam Beach. Located in the Southern Kerala, Kovalam beach is an engrossing beach destination famous for its spa centers and sightseeing spots. The beauty and exquisiteness of this beach is really appreciable. Most of the honeymooners and travelers prefer this beach for their exciting getaway. Presenting incredible panorama and lavish hotels, Kovalam Beach is the destination of the millennium. Kerala Hotels

In addition to this, wildlife is also an important part of India tourism. There are numerous wildlife sanctuaries and parks in Kerala that features various species of rare and endangered animals. You can explore Idukki Wildlife sanctuary, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Silent Valley National park, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Eravikulam National Park, here. A visit to these attractions will let you experience the famous elephant safari and jeep safari of the state.Further, Kerala tours are not confined to the sightseeing spots; you also get to enjoy various scrumptious cuisines, here. Further, there are several restaurants and food joints in Kerala that presents various appetizing and delicious cuisines to the visitors. You can enjoy any of your favorite cuisines like Meen Pollichathu, Kappa, Kanji, payasam, fish curry and prawn fry in Kerala.

Well! Kerala Tour & explore its diverse attractions and don’t forget to taste appetizing spicy cuisines of this heavenly state. The state will endow you with some of the sweet and memorable experiences.

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