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Mahabaleswar Birth Place of Krishna River (Krishnamma)

by yugasini on 09/04/11 at 1:30 pm

Mahabaleswar in Satara district of Maharastra India,it is one of the few ever green forests in the world.

Mahabaleswar a  beautiful hill station in Satara district of Maharashtra in India, Mahabaleswar is located in western Ghats at  approximately 120 kms away from Pune ,India , we have to travel up to 80 kms on Mumbai-Bangalore highway, and we have to diversion to reach  Mahabaleshwar hill station, it is one of the few ever green forests in the world, the road route is through piercing the mountains and  in tunnels  with lot of curves, you can have a cup of tea and snacks in a road side Dabha on the route, the area is called as Khandala the Hindi movie “Dil Chahata hai” was mostly pasteurized in this Khandala area, if you wish to cover all the site seeing places in this area with less time ,you have to hire a local guide , the guide may charge approximately 3 to 4 dollars for a trip.

The site seeing places in this area are Mahadev mandir, The Krishna river starts here from the mouth of Cow, the same stream became big and it will join with sea water after crossing through 3 states , due to sanctity of the Krishna water coming from Cow , most of the people sprinkle little water on their heads.

The Highest place is “Arthur view point “ on a hill ,if you watch the down to the valley the beautiful river Krishna flowing in the valley

One more jolly spot in Mahabaleswar is venna lake ,boat riding is available at venna lake, the climate is very very pleasure even at 12 am , honeymoon couples visit Mahabaleswar

Lot of handi craft articles are available in Mahabaleswar , you must spare lot of time to visit lot of stalls for shopping

At a distance of 25 kms “Pratap Garh fort “ is there ,the fort is built by Famous warrior “Chatrapathi Shivaji” from there he ruled the area in between Neera and Koina rivers

You find lot of Straberry shops are available in Mahabaleswar, Straberry fruits are  very cheap in this area, you will find lot of Straberry gardens road side on route to Mahabaleswar , Straberry ice creams, chocolates and jams are sold at Straberry gardens itself on the road side.

Krishna river is called as “Krishnamma” with the Krishna river another four sub rivers also starts from  here they are Koina,Veni ,Savithri and Gayathri

State Road Transport corporation buses available to reach Mahabaleswar from Pune bus-station and taxi services also available from Pune  and Mumbai also

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