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People and Their Occupation

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Three-fourths of the population lives in villages and about one–fourth of the population lives in cities and towns.

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The population of Andhra Pradesh consists of Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

Telugu is the official and almost widely spoken languages in the state. Some people speak Urdu. People in border areas speak other languages including Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya and tribal languages such as Lamani.

Three-fourth of the population lives in villages and about one – fourth of the population lives in cities and towns. Out of the population living in cities and town about one –third people live in the industrial and manufacturing areas around the three main cities i.e. Hyderabad, vishakapatnam and Vijayawada.

The rate of literacy is about 50 percent in male and only 30 percent in female. Literacy is higher in Hyderabad, Krishna, and Guntur districts.

Agriculture is the occupation of majority of the population. Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading rice- growing states in the country. It also produces about four-fifths of India’s tobacco. Other agricultural commodities include chili, Peppers, sorghum, pulses, caster beans, groundnuts, cotton, grapes, mangoes, Bananas and oranges.

The rivers Godavari and Krishna irrigate the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh region.

Canal; irrigation has helped in increasing agriculture in the telangana and rayalaseema regions. The production of rice and sugarcane has increased to a large extent. The Nagarjuna Sagar multipurpose project diverts the waters of the Krishna for irrigation.

Rice flour, rice-bran oil, paints and varnishes, soaps and detergents, cardboard and other packaging materials and cattle feed are produced from rice and rice-bran.

With its long coastline and many rivers, the state also has large and growing fishing industry.

Andhra Pradesh is rich in coal, iron ore, manganese and mica deposits. It is one of the highly industrialized states in India. Industries such as sugar factories, shipbuilding, aeronautics, electrical equipment, machine tools, drugs, chemicals, textiles, cement, fertilizers, processed foods, petroleum products etc. have been established here.

An oil refinery, a huge steel plant and the largest shipbuilding yard in the country are located in vishakapatnam.

The increase in power generation has helped in industrialization and irrigation.

The main and other spices add taste to this simple food. Fresh milk, fruits and vegetables are commonly consumed. Coffee is the preferred beverage.

Men wear a broad cloth dhoti as a tight warp-around lungi. The body remains bare above the Vasit, except in cool weather. Women wear saris and short blouse.

The first day of chaitra shuddha padyami is called Ugadi. It is celebrated as New Year’s Day by Telugu. On this day ugadi chutney is prepared and served as `prasadam’. No one starts any work without taking prasadam. On the whole this festival is celebrated with gaiety and merriment.

Other festivals celebrated are Rama navami, Ramzan, sankranti and Christmas.

Kuchipudi one of the six classical dance styles of India originated in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It differs from the other five classical styles, as singing is include in it. The dance is performance beings with the sprinkling of holy water and the burning of incense. Men traditionally play all roles.

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