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Same Tablet, Three Prices

by Grace Andrews on 02/01/12 at 10:47 pm

This is what a customer has faced when he went to buy same tablets from three places, over a small period of time.

A guy named Humsa Galid who is living in Aluva Kampanipadi, Kerala, India got faced with this situation. The medication for Blood Pressure called OMNITAN H is the culprit. This is a medicine which a company called Macleods Pharmaceuticals manufactures in Solan, Himachal Pradesh and brings to market. There are 15 tablets in one strip.

Last month on 22th, he bought the tablet strip from a Maveli Medical Store, the printed price was Rs.54.14. He bought the medication without any discount. On the strip the manufactured date (MFG) was 2010, November. After few days he bought the same medication from a private medical store in Aluva, the printed price on the strip was Rs.90. That was a medication manufactured on 2011 June. Even though he tried to bargain, the store owner strictly said “we sell only at the printed price”.  A few days back he bought the same medication from Neethi Medical Store, the price was Rs.54.56. The MFG was March, 2011.

One can see that price varies from 2010, November through 2011, March to 2011, June as Rs.54.15, Rs.59.56 and Rs.90.00 respectively. When I last heard, Humsa is one his way to consumer court. This shows that companies with the cooperation of wholesale dealers or middlemen are just making the live the ordinary man impossible by doubling price over less than 1 year, and making huge profit.

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