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Touring India

by uday on 22/03/10 at 6:59 am

An article on India and touring the country….

India is a vast country with overwhelming complexity and diversity. The country is divided into states and union territories. The states are sketched mostly on linguistic basis while union territories have no definite character.  

The division on linguistic basis is to facilitate administration by avoiding language incompatibility. This very characteristic defines the ethnicity of the inhabitants. Diversity arises out of the ethnic structure of the states. The varied ethnicity is more apparent in caste creed and customs than in the physical features. Right from the Vedic era the Nation survives on rites and rituals the very basis of Vedic civilization that dominates till this day.

The diversity prevails within the states and the communities up to the micro level.  Homogeneity is antithesis to this Nation. The country thrives on colorful customs rites and rituals. Intrigue and mystic charm become apparent on the first very visit to India. 

The land exhibits similar characteristic and varies from region to region. The landscape changes as fast as the eye blinks.  The topography is diverse, as diverse as the country is. The colors and beauty amazes one and all.
Indian society lives in the past, present and future. Modern, fast moving and expanding the country is one of the fastest growing economies of the World. Yet the economic disparity is startling. Paradoxically the civilization is strongly entrenched in old traditions set by ancient scriptures and historical imperatives. Indian society survives in fossilized layers of history. The civilization moves ahead yet clinches firmly to its root.

The impact of past is clearly visible on the countenance of the people and so is the mindset. The resultant effect of the modern and traditional is unique and so is the attitude of the people. A culture intertwined and confused by the order of things. Yet India moves ahead sometimes by leaps and bounds. Paradoxically it exhibits miserable failure whence it should not.   The country has a recorded history of more than five thousand years. The ancient monuments are tell tale testimonials of Indian history. 

The Taj is an epitome of ancient Indian architecture influenced by conquerors, traders and migrants from far and wide. The forts and places, temples and stupas narrate India’s Golden past. In spite of conquests, plunder and loot the essence of the civilization largely survived – perhaps enriched. India is a country of ancient architecture – full of splendors of ancient history.

India is home to colorful culture, mysticism and spiritualism. It thrives on free beliefs not governed by didactics nor by scriptures, people so assiduously follow. It is freedom of expression, sometimes tied down only by remainent strings of oppression here and there.

India offers much to see and experience it is not only landscape ancient monuments and wildlife. India is home to colorful diversity, rites and rituals steeped deep in mysticism and spirituality. India is home to a thousand dialects and equal number of accents. It is country well known for its curry but the gastronomic delights are bewildering with a hundred variations of one recipe if not more.   

India is a beautiful country albeit marred with dirt and poverty and chaos of its teeming millions. Nevertheless the country never ceases to amaze. It is said that on you first visit either you abhor the country of fall in love with for ever.

The best way to travel in India is through a tour operator packages in group. Package tours are more affordable and safe way to tour the country. The hassles of travel arrangement are taken over by the tour operators. Most of the package tours in India covers all aspects of the country especially wildlife watching and historical sightseeing. India is home to the tiger and many charismatic and rare wild animals and birds. Tigers safaris and birding tours are very popualr in the country at tiger reserves and bird sanctuaries.

There are specialized package tours in India for sightseeing in Rajasthan, KeralaCentral and North India. These tours cater to urban and rural India. The urban centers of tourism offers visit to ancient monuments, palaces and forts. The rural centers of tourism are a mix of local culture, rites, rituals and festival and fairs.    

Spiritual tourism in India is very popular. Varanasi spiritual tour packages are very popular for those interested in spirituality. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar and Ujjain are popualr destinations for spiritual tourism. The most popular ancient temples are situated in Khajuraho in MP. Chardham Yatra in Northern India is also very popular religious pilgrimage for the Hindus. The itinerary covers Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri centers of pilgrimage for the Hindus.

The best season to travel in India is winters hence the weather is clear and cool. The summers are very hot hence have to be avoided and monsoon paralyses road network so it is impossible to travel in the rains. It is better to make arrangements in advance if you are traveling independent. For those traveling in groups the package operator does all the bookings in advance. Happy Holidays! 

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