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Vellore Fort Museum

by Suhasini on 25/11/10 at 12:42 pm

Vellore Fort Museum.

Vellore, a small city, located near Chennai in South India is mainly famous for its Fort. Vellore Fort is one of the largest forts in South India where it’s very rare to find forts or palaces. Vellore fort is very huge and it houses various government buildings, a church, a small mosque, and a gigantic beautiful Jalagandeswarar temple. Apart from all those structures, there is also a small but well maintained Government museum located inside the Vellore fort.

The Vellore Fort Government Museum is well maintained and it has a lot of rare collections. To start with, you can find a lot of sculptures belonging to different periods even outside the museum structure. You can even find some Sati stones there. Apart from typical sculptures, there are rare stones such as hero stones, stone pillars, and gun powder flasks found outside the museum. All these sculptures and stones belong to various period starting from pre-Christian era to 18th century AD.

Even though the museum is small, it is well divided into multiple sections/galleries. In one particular gallery, you can find the bones, skull, or chemically preserved body of various animals, birds, and insects, such as fox, leopard, bat, buttefly, etc. There is another section containing various beautiful bronze statues. Some rare weapons used by kings are displayed in one gallery. 

You can also find some wooden idols or wooden carvings, old palquins, some handicrafts, and various weapons also in this government museum.

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Nov 25th, 2010

Very nice town. I will be there tomorrow.

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