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What are the Three Best Places in Eastern India to Spend Your Holidays During Summer

by Rajiv Sighamony on 12/03/09 at 7:17 am

Places in India that people would love to stay during summer.

If you are on your first visit to India, then you should be quite selective about the place, you would like to choose for your holidays.

It probably depends upon which time of the year you had decided to come to India.

If it’s during the month of March or, April, then you perhaps need to select a hilly region to get away from the scorching heat that you witness in summer.

Winters are quite pleasant. You could choose any exquisite destinations from around any part of the country.

Here are three best places to spend your holidays in Eastern India.

  • If you had decided to spend your summer vacation in India, then there are three best options for you in Eastern India. Book your tickets to Kolkata, and then take a connecting flight to Bagdogra airport, which is again half an hour from Kolkata.

You could choose to book a four wheeler taxi from Bagdogra airport to Darjeeling. They would charge you US $40 for the taxi ride.

Darjeeling is one of the better places to visit during summer. A hilly region at above 8000 ft. you would be covered with partial clouds even in summer. A perfect respite from the heat of Indian summer as temperatures hovers around 10 degrees Celsius at night.

You could also visit places such as “Tiger Hills” where you would be able to watch sunrise at its best. It’s a beautiful tourist attraction as sun rises above and into the sky.

  • Another beautiful tourist attraction in eastern India is Shillong, the capital of the state of Meghalaya. After you land in any major cities of India, such as Mumbai, Kolkata, or Delhi, you would get a connecting flight to Guwahati.

Hire a taxi and reach Shillong, one of the better holiday destinations in summer. Shillong is known as “Switzerland of the North-east India”, a hilly region, very popular among the foreign tourists.

You could watch a string of tourist’s attractions, elephant falls, and botanical gardens.

One of the enchanting places you would ever come across. The place is perfectly safe for foreigners. A Christian dominated region, where people are warm and friendly.

  • Gangtok is an ideal place if you plan to spend your summer in India. Another very popular destination among the westerners. Gangtok is situated against the backdrop of Kanchenjunga Mountains, the second highest peak in the world. You would find the place enchanting, as the place has a Buddhist influence.

Gangtok is too close to china. In fact, you are just 3 hours away from the “Nat hula” border of Indo-China.

The places to visit are numerous hills that lie close by. A trip to the China border with India would be the icing on a cake.

How to reach Gangtok?

Again, you need to come to Bagdogra airport and book a taxi. A three hours journey from Bagdogra would get you to Gangtok.

The next time you decide to tour India during summer, make sure that you visit one of these places and enjoy the aroma that the place provides to the visitors.

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