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Curug (Natural Waterfall) in Bogor, Indonesia

by zephyrs on 16/12/10 at 9:54 am

Some of the beautifull waterfall you could visit in Bogor, Indonesia.
some waterfall you could build a camp besides the waterfall.

Curug Luhur (higher waterfall)

Photo by: winartphotography.com

There are a lot of natural waterfall in Indonesia, but I will focused in Bogor.

Bogor was located in West java near to Jakarta the Capital city.

Most of the people in Bogor was “Sundanese” (from word “Sunda”)

When you visit Bogor, you could find 3 famous “curug”. They are “Curug Luhur” (luhur = higher, curug = waterfall, curug luhur = higher waterfall), “Curug Nangka” (nangka = jackfruit, curug nangka = jackfruit waterfall) and Curug Cilember (Cilember was a name of a region)

To reach “Curug Nangka” was not difficult as we thought, the road to “Curug Nangka” was smooth. There was public transportation there which make you easier to reach it, but still you need to walk to reach “Curug”.

Near “Curug Nangka” there was another Curug called “Curug Kawung” (Kawung was the name of traditional vegetation there), the location of “Curug Nangka” actually a bit hidden, sometimes people who want to visit “Curug Nangka” think they already reach “Curug Nangka”, but the truth they was wrong, they reach “Curug Kawung”.

As Indonesian People call Bogor City as Rain City (this was because Bogor never stop having rainning all years long, even it was in the hot / summer season). Rocky and Slippery terrains after the rain was making difficult for us to reach the “Curug”, but there was the Challenge. 

Its very beautiful there when it comes to Sunsets. At night you could having a camp there, collecting your own wood or better prepare your wood at your home. having your night at the open skies. FANTASTICS..

nice Place to Spend time

Liked it
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