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Indonesia: If You Want to Visit Bandung, From Jakarta

by dodolbete on 12/02/12 at 8:24 pm

Tips on visiting Bandung, when you depart from Jakarta.

During weekends, many Jakarta’s plated visiting cars can be seen in Bandung. As a friend once told me, “It seems like people from Jakarta always bring their Jakarta’s traffic jams when they move to Bandung on each weekends.”

Would that make Bandung still sounds like a nice place for refreshing? Why not, as long as you know the tricks.

Start earlier or stay longer

Most of the companies in Jakarta end their weekly activities on Friday. When you’re planning to enjoy Bandung more, you’d better start from Jakarta and off from Bandung during week days. That way you can also make use of tourist attraction’s ticket prices which are cheaper on week days.


When no one is available to drive you to Bandung, you can use the services provide by travel agencies (one of them is Cipaganti), by train (best from Gambir station), or by bus.

Transportation in Bandung

Many streets in Bandung are one way streets, you might have to go further when you want to visit somewhere near with a taxi. Better take a mean of local transportation called Angkot (“A” as in “Father”, “ng” as “ng” in “Bang”, “k”, “o”, “t”). If you don’t know how or which Angkot you’re supposed to take, ask about it to someone in the place you’re staying.

Place to stay

If you want to visit Cihampelas (Ciwalk) and Paris Van Java, it would be better if you choose a place in Setiabudi or Hegar Manah street, while if You want to visit Trans Studio, or shopping in Dago, then find a place to stay in Martadinata street. That way you can go to those places you want to visit on foot or by Angkot.

Any special interest?

What usually women opt for in Bandung is shopping in factory outlets which are located in Cihampelas and Dago, while youngsters would rather enjoy the nightlife, or Trans Studio (the biggest indoor theme park in Indonesia) which located in Gatot Subroto street.

Culinaries and gifts

There were so many local menus to choose, which are pretty unique. Some of the good with quite friendly price options are: Culinary central Paris Van Java on Sukajadi street, Culinary central along Riau street, Kartika Sari on IR. H. Djuanda street, etc.

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Feb 12th, 2012

Nice info and to solve traffic jam on weekend and as a new tourist attraction, soon bandung will have Cable Car’s Plan for Public Transport . Welcome to Bandung !

nita kusuma dewi

Feb 12th, 2012

nice article


Feb 13th, 2012

I love Indonesia.. People are always smiley….

Lisa Marie Mottert

Feb 13th, 2012

Very nice article… informative and detailed:)
Thanks, so much, for the lovely share!


Feb 13th, 2012

@ doddid: Thank you so much for the additional information ^_^
@ Nita: Thank you ^_^
@ mdrkarim7: Really? Thank you very much ^_^
@ Lisa: Hope its useful hahaha Thank you very much ^_^


Feb 13th, 2012

traffic congestion is always a problem

mr good

Feb 13th, 2012

nice article


Feb 14th, 2012

@ Erwinkennythomas: Indeed traffic jam is annoying, but if you know how to deal with it, it wouldn’t be a problem any longer ^_^
@ Bagus69: Thank you ^_^

Ike Anggorowati

Feb 16th, 2012

nice share


Feb 16th, 2012

Thank you Ike ^_^

LCM Linda

Feb 16th, 2012

Sounds interesting. I hope to pay a visit in the future.


Feb 17th, 2012

Sure… tell me when you are ^_^


Feb 18th, 2012

This is very beautiful


Feb 18th, 2012

@aheed411: Thank you ^_^

Lady Sunshine

Feb 19th, 2012

Wish I could visit. :D


Feb 22nd, 2012

Indonesia is just few hours away from our country. If ever I clear my passport then I will visit your place.


Feb 26th, 2012

@Lady Sunshine: I wish you could ^_^
@papaleng: tell me when you are ^_^

mr good

Mar 1st, 2012

now reading.. :) thanks…


Mar 3rd, 2012

great one

LCM Linda

Mar 4th, 2012

Your tips are very helpful. It wastes time to get stuck and so travelers should plan well to avoid any traffic jam whenever possible.


Mar 5th, 2012

@bagus69: You’re very much welcome ^_^
@dwisuka: Thank you ^_^
@LCM Linda: Yup but some who don’t know might waste a lot more time by taking cabs in Bandung.


Apr 20th, 2012

I like this travel article. Very interesting


Jun 1st, 2012

Thank you very much ^_^

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