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Lihaga, a Lovely Island in Manado

by Steven.Pandey on 22/03/11 at 9:15 am

When we talking about tourism in Manado, many people just know about Bunaken. Whereas, there are island which is not less beautiful than Bunaken. The island is Lihaga.

Lihaga is a little island which is located in Manado. Lihaga is Bunaken’s neighbor. We just need 30 minutes until 1 hour to explore this island.
Lihaga island surrounded by white sand and the scenery is incridibly beautiful. The water is very clear so that we can clearly see the fish that swim without having to dive. The beauty of this island at dusk towards increasing. Scenery looks very beautiful sunset from Lihaga island. Therefore, many photographers who like to go to Lihaga just to take picture of scenery and for outdoors photo shoot.
Lihaga is one of the marine tourism options available in Manado when peoples are already bored to go to Bunaken.
Therefore, don’t forget to visit Lihaga island if you are traveling to Manado.


Liked it

Nelson U

Mar 22nd, 2011

Great info, I Loved to travelling to Manado.
Please make more thread about travelling.

Brenda Nelson

Mar 22nd, 2011

Kinda short but nice pictures. Thanks for the information.


Mar 22nd, 2011

@Nelson U : Thank you


Mar 22nd, 2011

@Brenda Nelson : Thank you very much for comment. I would love to improve this thread.

Ferry P.

Mar 26th, 2011

Very beautiful island. This is paradise.

Mark Schmidt

Mar 28th, 2011

You’re right man, this is so beautiful.

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