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Maimoon Palace: The Legacy of Deli Sultanate, North Sumatera

by Yovita Siswati on 07/09/09 at 3:33 am

One of the most beautiful palaces worth visiting in North Sumatera, Sumatera Island, Indonesia.

Maimoon Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces still in existence in Indonesia. Its unique architecture and interior design gives this palace distinctive character.

Where is it?

Located in the centre of Medan City, the capital of North Sumatra Province, Maimoon Palace is easy to reach. You can hire a taxi from your hotel or should you want to experience some local thrilling adventure, just hire a pedicab.

Image via Wikipedia



Image via Wikipedia

Maimoon palace is also known as Palace of the Green Princess (local: Putri Hijau) as based on local folklore, long ago, there lived a beautiful princess whose body radiated green aura.


Maimoon Palace – Image by Author


Maimoon Palace, Front View – Image by author


A separate building outside the palace used to keep a sacred cannon called “Meriam Puntung” – Image by author

This beautiful palace was built in 1888 by Sultan Makmun Al-Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah of Deli Sultanate, the oldest son of Sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam, the founder of Medan City, with the help of his best friend Tjong A Fie, the richest Chinese merchant in South East Asia living in Medan at that time. Unfortunately, the architect is unknown. Some source said that it was designed by an Italian architect; some other said that a Dutch Captain named Van Erp designed the palace.


Inscription written in Duch language stating that the palace was built in 1888 – Image by author


The palace stands on a 4 hectares land. This 2,772 m square structure has two stories and 40 rooms, 20 in the upper floor and 20 underneath, plus one throne room known as the “balairung”, four bathrooms, one kitchen, one warehouse and a basement prison. The palace is divided into three main parts, the main building, the right wing and the left wing.


Main building – Image by author


Entrance to the main throne room – Image by author


Entrance to guest room – Image by author


Left wing (picture taken from 2nd floor) – Image by author

The “balairung” or the throne room is located in the main building, right in the centre of the structure, on 2nd floor. The room is dominated by yellow color, the common royal color of Malay Sultanates. Measuring 412 m square, this biggest room in the palace is used for the coronation of the Sultan and as guest room.


Balairung or the throne room – Image by author


Ornament in the throne room – Image by author


The sultan’s cushion in the throne room – Image by author


Old photograph showing the Sultan and members of royal family – Image by author


The palace is made entirely of wood. The architectural style is a mixture of Malay, Islamic, Moguls, European and Indian. European influence is seen in the throne room. The room has various European interior ornaments, including big tall Dutch-styled windows, series of Spanish doors, several European-styled crystal lamps and furniture.  Some building materials such as tiles and marbles were imported from Italy.


Entrance to the guest room, showing Persian curve and European-syled furniture – Image by author


Another interior view – Image by author

“Persian curve”, can be found in the arcade surrounding the palace showing Islamic and Indian influence, giving the palace its Middle East appearance. 


In the throne room – Image by author


Hallway to the rooms in left wing – Image by author.

The Sultanate Today

The Sultan no longer has any political power. However, the line of succession to the throne still continues. The latest Sultan, Tengku Mahmud Aria Lamanjiji was coronated in 2005 when he was only eight years old. His father, Sultan Otteman III Mahmud Ma’amun Padrap Perkasa ‘Alam Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Azmi Perkasa ‘Alam Shah al-Haj was killed in an aircraft accident when doing social work in Aceh in the same year. The young sultan is now living with his mother in another island.


List of Sultans ever ruled in Maimoon Palace – Image by author

Other members of the royal family still occupy the left wing of the palace. The palace until now is still a private property of the Sultan but visitors are allowed to visit the palace everyday from 8 AM to 5 PM.


The right wing. Members of royal family live in this wing – Image by author


 View of the palace taken from the street – Image by author

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Dec 3rd, 2009

You have successfully created a pathway for us to experience another culture. I was taken aback by mention of the detention center in one of the structures; I might have an aversion to think that a citizen of the world might be spirited away in the dark of the night.

Lancelot Rozario

Feb 4th, 2010

I just got back from Istana Maimun. What is lacking from the pictoral history but abundant from the words of the guide who showed me around is the Sultanate itself, its origins and to where in the Malay Peninsula it spread. The origins of the Sultanate are from India and Deli is a reference to Delhi. The Royal relationship is supposed to have started from a border with Delhi and spread to Sumatra and then to Malaya meaning there is Indian ancestry in the Deli Sultanate and the Sultanates in Malaya.


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Mar 24th, 2010

istana maimoon cantik kn?
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Sep 15th, 2011

Nama : Mariani Bte Mohd Haniffa
Kota : singapura
Pesan : Saya mencari saudara(nenek) yang bernama Tengku Sharifah Yan dan datok saya Tengku Idris. Alamat yang terakhir saya ketahui ialah No. 71 Jalan Ghandi. Istana Maimoon adalah tempat tinggal nenek saya yang bernama Fatimah Abdullahadi, anak angkat sultan Deli. Fatimah telah merantau ke Singapura 60 tahun yang lalu dan telah meninggal dunia 6 tahun yang lalu. Dia di kebumikan di Batu Pahat Johore. Beliau juga mempunyai 6 orang anak perempuan yang masih hidup. Mereka menetap di Singapura dan Johore. Saya harap saudara dapat menolong saya mencari nenek saudara saya yang telah lama menghilangkan diri. Terima Kasih!
From : warmjelly@hotmail.com Tue, 2004-08-06 16:06:37

Brigitte Sternberger

Mar 11th, 2013

I have been there 1979, playing chess with some people of the palace. Do you know someone of the family there, now about 60 years, who called himself “Jeffrey”? Or do you have any contact or adress – I would like to write !



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