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Name Origin Food Pempek Palembang (South Sumatra) Indonesia

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Pempek Palembang is a unique culinary popular one in Indonesia. Less fit when a trip to Palembang not eat pempek. Pempek is a confectionary-based sago flour is processed and mixed use minced fish. Usually because in Palembang river fish around readily available kinds of fish / fish seluang cork. But originally mixed for a fish pempek to fish belida, but due to limited fish population belida start and then kind of fish are expensive to manufacture pempek start. Such as mackerel, fish cork, and fish seluang affordable, readily available, and that certainly does not pempek flavors good.

But do you know the history pempek?

Pempek derived from the name of a man of Chinese descent who was called Apek that time in 1617 aged 65 years. At that time the Palembang Darussalam Sultanate was headed by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II which is now renamed to the name of the international airport in Kora Palembang.

Apek who lived on the banks of Musi thinking how to utilize the potential of the fish is so abundant in the Musi River because a lot of fish that eventually become redundant alias after arrested decay. Usually catches only in curry or fried.

Until one day finally Apek utilize the abundant fish near his home to be used as a food by mixed with flour and fried.

Previous confectionary made ​​his name Apek not exist, but gradually as Apek vend homemade food and when people call his name to buy merchandise sounded just the tip of his name, which is “peek .. peek” confectionary finally made ​​popular by the name pempek Apek which is the result of a play on the name pempek creator first.

This is just folklore circulating in and around Palembang. That makes pempek be linked closely with the Chinese because of the similarity pempek with typical Chinese snacks kinds of fish balls, kekian, and ngohyang.

Pempek usually served with a sauce which is called the Palembang and around with the name “cuko”. But there is also another area residents who call by the name “pempek gravy” or “sauce pempek”. Pempek consuming way is by dipping into cuko pempek, then just eaten. Usually cuko inhaled / drunk, so sometimes people breathe more pempek cuko of eating it.

Usually people of Palembang and surrou make pempek as snacks in the afternoon when relaxing.

But many also make pempek as food for breakfast and usually comes with a warm drink.

For those not familiar it is recommended not to try eating pempek and cuko when the morning, especially when the stomach is missing a heavy meal of breads or rice as it can cause stomach pain.

Until now consists pempek various types, ranging from submarines pempek (pempek kapal selam), pempek lenjer, pempek circumstances (pempek adaan), pempek onions (pempek bulat),  pempek skin (pempek kulit).

Pempek famous and Palembang Indonesia is Pempek VINNO.

Warung Pempek Palembang VINNO

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