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Selecta, Batu Malang

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Stone Town is located in the highlands area of ​​Malang is suitable used as tourist attractions. The air is cool, fresh and clean can be a place to calm the mind from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, coupled with the beautiful scenery of green mountains can be a pleasant place to rest. This atmosphere you can feel when visiting the city sights Selecta in Batu, East Java.


    Ordinary cold air blanketed the city of Malang, and surrounding areas, including in Batu. This has been a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. It can be an oasis, especially for visitors who live in big cities full of pollution. Here, you can enjoy clean air to meet your lungs. As an addition to refreshing pleasure, you can enjoy the beauty of natural scenery.

     One of the commonly visited places are the tourist attractions Selecta. The strategic location with good infrastructure already will allow visitors to arrive at this place. Selecta tourist spot surrounded by mountains, so the atmosphere feels really natural. Various facilities are available to you as well as children, making this place fits into a family tourist attractions.

Park Selecta

     Selecta, Stone MalangTiba in this place, you can see a large aquarium with many fish in it as the first thing that will be enjoyed before the other interesting things that will be encountered in this resort. Entering a place of recreation Selecta, you’ll be treated to a beautiful natural panorama. This recreation area is made to resemble a garden with flowers, colorful, very attractive eyes. Living flowers look fresh and more broke than you normally might see in urban areas, probably because the air that supports the development of these flowers. There is also the patron of green trees, so the atmosphere was fresh garden. The park is neatly arranged and supported by elements of the park, such as rocks, trails or fish p

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ond so the garden looks more beautiful.

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east java, its beautifull!!

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