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Iran Drug Shortage Means Us Iranians Have to Send Medicine to Hospitals

by jonathanshaw on 27/02/13 at 3:25 pm

No, really! Amid strict Western sanctions and allegations of economic mismanagement, Iran is suffering a critical drug shortage, even hospital dont have Tylenol. But what do they expect if they keep attacking everyone else?

With the Iranian economy in shambles, drugs are no longer available in the country. The shortage of this critical medicine, even Tylenol, is the result of  Iran’s dire economic situation, caused by a combination of the ever-tightening Western sanctions against the Islamic Republic, as well as by economic missteps. Petrol is rationed. restrictions are being made on the medicines by the Iranian authorities.

The US state department insists that export of medicine and other humanitarian goods are specifically exempted from the measures intended to halt Iran’s unstopable nuclear ambitions, which the country argues are solely peaceful but which Western powers suspect have military aims.

Never the less, the sanctions levied against Iranian banks, which are effectively cut off from the global financial system, have made it difficult for Iranian companies to finance imports of whole drugs or raw ingredients, analysts have said.

Amid the shortage, Iranians in need of the chemotherapy, cardiac, diabetes, hemophilia and other drugs have turned to the large Iranian diaspora for informal help. And US relatives!

A woman buys medicine in a pharmacy in TehranThe drug shortage puts as many as six million Iranians at risk, an Iranian charity has warned

About half a million people of Iranian descent live in the US, according to the US Census.

Most of them arrived since the political turmoil of the 1970s and 1980s and maintain close ties to family and friends living in Iran, with about 84% of Iranian Americans have family currently living in Iran; six out of 10 Iranian Americans communicate with family and friends in Iran several times a month.

Increasingly, in the US and the UK, citizens find themselves turned into ersatz pharmacists. I myslef have two Iranian Friends, one a Christian.

Majid, a Persian language teacher in the Washington DC area, bought bags of vitamins and dietary supplements from discount retailer Costco.Then he arranged for a doctor friend to examine his mother, who was visiting from Iran, and to prescribe a large stock of blood thinner Warfarin to treat her heart disease, as well as a diabetes drug. Because the hospital no longer has it!

This is all very well shock and horror, and beating down the Americans who are causing suffering to the poor in a foreign land, but despite the excuse that they “controlled” Iran with the Shah, its been a long time now, and Iran and is corrupt politicians such as Ahmed Armedinijad, continue to bully it neighbours, further isolating itself, like a sinister toddler on caffeine locked in its room and breaking its toys. Having hijacked the American embassy in the 1970’s and taking hostages, which the blockbuster ARGO will remind us all, they have since attacked anyone not Persian, apart from Russia, or course. And after 30 years of bricking the British embassy, my country, – who had nothing to do with the Shah conspiracy,  they finally bulldozed us out, desecrating an historic building, and severing the last Friend they had in Europe and the western world.  Did they think there would be a stash of pharmaceuticals there? Armedinijad, suspected as one of the American embassy hostage takers, has done all he can to drive his country into the ground and threaten the Jewish state of Israel. He seems oblivious that everyone is suffering around him. And the more he attacks, the more restriction his country will get. 

There has to be a point when the neighbours will give up on someone! You cant punch someone in the face and expect a thank you. After all, its second biggest alley, Syria, is in pieces at the moment. Until Tehran stops behaving badly, ceases arming terrorists, halts making atomic weapons and allows transparency of what its up to, it will have have adaquate health care, and the population will fall like dominoes.

With thanks to Daniel Nasaw.

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