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Iran is Guilty of Assassination Attempt in Us

by George Koukeas on 30/10/11 at 6:58 pm

Khamenei’s and Ahmadinejad’s denial of plot and smearing of America is dishonest political rhetoric.

     America must launch political, cyber and military attacks against Iran as punishment for the Iranian attempt, on US soil, to assassinate Saudi Arabian diplomat, Adel Al-Jubeir.  After the assassination plot was discovered and foiled, Iranian dictator Khamenei warned the US against taking “political or security” actions against Iran for the would-be assassination.  However, Iran is guilty of the plot.  Here is why:

     First, Iran is an Islamic dictatorship.  As such, Iran would be “at war” with a free country like America.  Second, in the past, Iran has sent its agents to Iraq to kill US soldiers.  So sending an assassin to America becomes more plausible: if the Iranians did it with Iraq, they can do it again with America.  Third, Iran’s Islamofacist regime has a motive for murdering US-friendly diplomats and Americans: to punish them for being non-Muslim, Western in their culture or for supporting non-Muslim, Western countries against Islamic terrorism (like the Saudis do).  Since Al-Jubeir is a Saudi who supports America against Islamic terrorism, Iran has a motive for targeting him.  Fourth, Iran has a means of transporting assassins to America: the Quds Force’s “foreign actions” unit.  Not only is it a “foreign actions” unit but a Quds Force agent, Manssor Arbabsiar was caught on American grounds and charged with conspiracy to murder Al-Jubeir. 

     All things considered, Iran is guilty of the assassination plot on US soil.  Therefore, the US should retaliate both militarily and diplomatically against Iran.  Because Khamenei’s threat of a “resolute response” to diplomatic retaliation may involve nuclear weapons, the US must cripple Iran’s nuclear production factories NOW.  Overall, we must employ Theodore Roosevelt’s motto, “Speak softly but carry a big stick”.

     That means two things: 1) America must first use diplomatic tactics to rally other countries—reluctant ones—against Iran and tighten sanctions, and 2) use cyber-viruses backed by military force to decimate Iran’s nuclear production facilities.  The US military must target the nuclear places not anything else.  This cyber/military attack is the “big stick” needed to squash any future nuclear retaliation against America from Iran. 

     Furthermore, a military attack (preferably a joint US/Israeli/NATO one) must happen very soon after the cyber-attack so that Iran has no time to recover and defend its nuclear facilities.  This should then be followed, if possible, by more cyber-warfare against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.  Afterwards, the US can publically warn Khamenei about taking “political or security” actions against America.     

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