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Iran is This to be The New Iraq?

by lxdollarsxl on 09/01/12 at 8:42 am

Could this be a new center of operations, now Iraq has been left to fend for itself? Do we even want to go there, after so many deaths?

          Tehran and Washington are once again on a collision course, raising tensions between both nations to new heights.   The present rift is because the Iranian government announced that Amir Hekmati a United States citizen has been sentenced to death.   The 28-year-old former marine who was on a visit to see his grandparents, was arrested and charged with spying. 

     Hekmati tried on 27th December after being held captive for several months; the prosecution used his own supposedly freely given confession.   In this “confession”, he was supposed to have stated that he, whilst using a grandparent’s visit as a cover was really trying to penetrate the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.     By posing as a disaffected former United States Marine, with highly classified material.   To give to the Iranian Intelligence Agency after he had their confidence, but was really under orders and in the pay of the CIA.     

     Amir is the son of Iranian immigrants who live in the United States, and holds a full American passport as he was born there.   Being an ex marine no doubt made him a target, because of the already high tensions between both countries.   The Iranian government stated that Hekmati had freely confessed to spying for the CIA after he was arrested.

   With Iran already at loggerheads with the United States over its nuclear program, and its threat to close the Straits of Hormuz this is only more fuel to the fire.    Washington has demanded his release, which of course will be ignored by Tehran.  Washington will view this as a direct challenge bringing possible military action that much closer.

     The United States is leading efforts to tighten sanctions on Iran, the latest being blocking the Iranian Central Bank from trading outside the country.    Both Washington and Tel Aviv have stated, they do not rule out making military strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites if a diplomatic solution cannot be found.  

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Jan 9th, 2012

Anywhere in the world happen like Iraq. They want change.


Jan 9th, 2012

So many things are happening these days, it’s mind boggling. Nothing should really be surprising anymore I guess!


Jan 9th, 2012

Why can’t countries make friends like we can here on Triond : )


Jan 9th, 2012

Well written article, thanks for sharing.


Jan 9th, 2012

most interesting

Kristie Claar

Jan 13th, 2012

Excellent article

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