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10 Most Famous Tokyo Buildings

by sohailhussainn on 20/01/12 at 10:50 am

Every major world city has its buildings that are widely admired by the city’s residents. These are not necessarily the tallest or most elaborate buildings but buildings that earn respect by being esthetically pleasing. The top ten most famous Tokyo buildings in this category are .!

Fuji Terebi Building
Headquarters of the Fuji Television Network in Odaiba. The building’s television studios have viewing windows and tours of the building are popular. The spherical part of the building is a city observation deck.

Izumi Garden Tower
Massive and modern Izumi Garden Tower has distinctive blue-green glass. It has office space, a luxury residence, shopping and restaurants

Docomo building
The Docomo building in Shibuya is the world’s largest clock tower. It is owned by Japan’s largest telecom company NTT and houses a few offices and a lot of telecom equipment. It has no shopping or restaurants and is not open to the public

Midtown building
The tallest building in Tokyo prefecture, Midtown is a massive complex of offices, shopping and includes a large medical clinic, luxury hotel and art gallery. The buildings themselves are not all that visually interesting.

Dentsu building
Corporate headquarters of Dentsu, Japan’s largest and most prestigious advertising agency, the Dentsu building has 70 elevators including private elevators for executives. The Dentsu building is located in Shiodome, a massive new business district built on the old site of Tokyo’s first train station.

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower
Housing a fashion, design and medical school the Gakuen Cocoon Tower is the second tallest educational building in the world. It’s cocoon design stands out in Shinjuku’s colossal business district.

Prada Building
Located in the Omotesando shopping district, the Prada Building is only 6 storeys high but gives the impression of being shaped completely of glass.

Tokyo City Hall
Tokyo City Hall was the tallest building in Tokyo before Midtown was completed in 2007. With a price tag of about $1 Billion US, it is a fine example of Tokyo government’s zest for spending money and has earned the nickname “tax tower”. It is a vast complex taking up three city blocks. It has a free observation deck that is popular with tourists.

Roppongi Hills
Designed as a city within a city, Roppongi hills incorporates offices, residences, shopping, hotels, parks, art galleries and entertainment. Located on some of the most expensive land in Japan, it took the developer 14 years to aquire the 400 separate lots for the 27 acres of the site. When it first opened the building was the talk of the town and received millions of visitors.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower is taller that the Eiffel Tower and is the tallest structure in Japan. Its paint and lights are designed to make the tower glow a brilliant gold at night.

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