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Day Trip to Desaru in Malaysia

by Kheng on 04/05/08 at 3:45 am

Short trip to Desaru in Malaysia with visit to fruit farm, ostrich farm and herbal garden. Enjoying a delicious seafood lunch too.

We thought we would celebrate Mother’s Day with a difference this year. After some discussion among the siblings, we decided to arrange a short trip to Desaru for the extended family.

In order to avoid the traffic congestion at the Causeway, we made reservations with a tour agent who specialized in short trips to Malaysia. The package included transport from our home to the ferry terminal in Changi, ferry tickets transportation in Desaru, various entrance fees to places of interest in Desaru as well as a seafood lunch.

Cruise ship at the Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal in Malaysia.

A van was ready and waiting to take us on our tour when we arrived at the Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal in Malaysia.

Our first stop was at the Fruit Farm; where we saw many different tropical fruits including the dragon fruit, pineapple, wax apples, breadfruit and petai.

Dragon fruits

Dragon fruit flower.

At the farm, we were also shown how honey were collected and given a brief talk on the curative properties of honey. Bottles of raw honey as well as pollens were also available for sale.

Next we visited the Ostrich Farm. The farm in Teluk Ramunia (Desaru) was set up more than 5 years ago. At the farm, you get to see how the life cycle of an ostrich is like. You also get to hold the ostrich egg (it’s huge!) and even stand on it. The operator just wants to show you how hardy the egg is.

There were also various displays showing the different stages (from one day old ostrich to week old ostrich).

As usual, there is a shop selling ostrich relating products.

We were very hungry after the visit to the fruit farm and ostrich farm.

We were then brought to this Chinese restaurant where we had a sumptuous lunch of chilli crabs, black pepper crabs, prawns, baby octopuses and fish. Yummy.

After lunch, we visited the herbal garden. There were many varieties of herbs in this garden and we understood from the guide that the owner of the garden was often consulted on the types of herbs to use for various illnesses.


Some of the herbs found at the Herbal Garden

The owner was very kind and actually took us around the garden showing us the various herbs and explaining to us their curative properties and how to use them for various illnesses.

By then, it was almost time to leave for the ferry terminal for our trip. It was a most enjoyable and educational trip. My mother enjoyed herself and declared that she had a great day!

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*Note – all images taken by author

Liked it


May 17th, 2008

I love these articles about places I am unfamiliar with. Very nice.


Jun 5th, 2008

can i know which tour agency you booked with? and what is the price? thanks!


Jun 5th, 2008

Hi Ting,

This is actually a private tour organised by this guy in Singapore who specialises in short trips to Desaru. I can quite remember how much I paid, definitely under $80 per adult, quite reasonable since it includes ferry ticket, transport and seafood lunch. However, you will need at least 10 persons to go.

Not sure how to give you the contact details though.


Aug 6th, 2008

Hi, do you have the contact for the desaru tour? Appreciate your advise. Thanks.


Aug 7th, 2008

Hi Lyn and Ting,

You can contact Thomas at +65 96994884 if you are interested.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.



Oct 27th, 2008

Hi, may I know how much exactly per person? Is a one day trip?


Oct 27th, 2008

Hi Yee,

Yes, it’s a one-day trip. You can contact Thomas to enquire how much it would cost you now as it was a while back that I had gone on this trip.

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