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Shocking: Latest Video Shows Brutal Sexual Assault by Pakistani Forces

by julieeshub on 15/06/11 at 3:59 am

A video which allegedly shows members of the Pakistani armed forces physically assaulted four men blindfolded appeared a few days after a paramilitary soldier was filmed shooting and killing a teenager in a park in Karachi.


The new video, posted on social media sites like Face book, this week, shows a man sexually assaulting and beating network at least four blindfolded men whose hands are tied to frames of doors and windows.

The man who is seen smiling, is helped by another man wearing shalwar-kameez.

Blindfolded men cry and laugh at someone off-camera can be heard in the video, media reported today.

Although the authenticity of the video did not immediately say who was born in a time when the Pakistani army has a strict control of several incidents of extra-judicial killings and abuse.

Paramilitary troops and police were filmed shooting unarmed five foreigners, including a pregnant woman in the town southwest of Quetta last month after declaring them “suicide bombers”.

Later, it seems that no foreigner had weapons or explosives.

Last week, a television cameraman filmed a paramilitary Pakistan Rangers personnel firing Sarfraz Shah, 18, very near a park in Karachi.

The teenager was left to bleed to death, the video loop on news channels broadcast shows.

The police alleged that Shah was an armed robber who was killed in a shootout, but the video clearly showed that he had no weapons.

Brigadier Syed Ali Azmat Inter-Services Public Relations told the Express of the Tribune newspaper that the army is aware of a new video.

“There are many videos of this type. It s part of a campaign dedicated,” he said.

Ali said there were “many factors” that may lie behind such a campaign.

“We’ll have to check if the video is true or not.

Of course, the inspection began, “he said.

Ali said the video appears to have been filmed in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Another video posted on social networking sites last year had shown Pakistani soldiers allegedly carrying six men, blindfolded.

The army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in January had ordered a study on video, but the results have not been published so far.

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