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America and Philippines Comparison

by gwill34 on 20/06/09 at 6:24 am


I my self have personally lived in both of these country’s. In America for two years, Philippines for three years. And I there are a few similarities and differences:


The above may be exaggerating a little but its true. In the Philippines every one is pretty skinny. So someone that would be an average weight would look very big in the Philippines. However in America (no offence) a large amount of the people their resemble the person in the above image. And a Filipino coming to the U.S.A would seem very out of place.

Portion Sizes

Again I may be exaggerating but I’m pretty sure you get the point. In America food proportions are out of control. There are huge this and huge that. For instance, this huge drink Sonic route 44 drink, and this huge sandwich?. Yes it’s true when they run out of “X’s” to put behind the large they make a completely new size. The portion sizes in the Philippines are reasonable but very small compared to the huge American ones. At McDonald’s a large drink their is equivalent to a small or large drink in America. I don’t even have to begin about food do I?


(The one on the left is in the Philippines, from my neighborhood)

America and the Philippines are very similar in housing. The middle class in both Countries have very nice housing but while the less fortunate have very “different” homes here here. Those links had a picture of a squatter village (as I call them) and that is where the poor people live. I would have said that the Philippines and America are even but most of the country’s population live in those kinds of housing. And I’m also not say America is great either, a lot of the people live in these very small homes. I believe them to be trailer homes but they are extremely small and look bad.


A big difference is the schools. In the Philippines there are a lot more private schools than in America. Besides that these private schools are (most) world class and very great. I’m not attacking the US school system but a lot of the schools here are public; some are good and some aren’t. The Philippines also has a lot of public schools that are just okay.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned or found something interesting. Any comments are appreciated and corrections are welcome.

(all pictures were from Google and the images are the property of their rightful owner)

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