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Best Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

by nobert soloria bermosa on 19/04/08 at 4:38 pm

Popular tourists spots in the Philippines, where you can enjoy your vacation.

This is a sequel to my articles “Best Island Tourists Destinations in the Philippines Part I & II.” From Bohol to Cebu then Mindoro, let us proceed to Batangas, to Subic Bay and finally, we’ll climb Baguio City.

1. Batangas, Philippines

Famous Tourist Spots in Batangas

Tanauan Aerial Sports

The small town of Tanauan in Batangas is the skydiving capital of the Philippines. The drop zone, between Mt. Makiling and Taal Volcano, showcases some of the most spectacular scenery in the country.


Anilao, Batangas is a very popular spot for diving and snorkeling. It is known worldwide. The waters are teeming with marine life, plenty of corals and amazing diversity of fishes

Taal Lake and Volcano

Southern Luzon’s centerpiece attraction is Taal Lake and Taal Volcano in Batangas. The gateway for most visitors is through Tagaytay City, from the ridge where a panoramic view of Volcano Island can be seen. The volcano is known to be the smallest in the world.

Parada ng Lechon (Parade of Roasted Pigs)

The celebration held every June 24 in the town of Balayan coincides with the feast of St. John the Baptist. Lechons, or roasted pigs, coming from each barangay of the town are paraded, dressed in accordance with the theme of the fiesta.

Basilica of San Martin de Tours/Taal Church

San Martin de Tours is the patron of Taal, in whose honor a fest is celebrated every November 11. The church was first built by Father Diego Espina in 1575 in San Nicolas.

2. Subic Bay, Olongapo City, Philippines

Subic Bay is just 100 km. northwest of Manila. You will surely enjoy its magnificent and world-class tourist attractions. Subic Bay is a former US Naval Base transformed to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

Tourist Activities & Attractions

Subic Bay Yacht Club

Subic Bay is a perfect sailing paradise, endowedby nature with time-tested, storm-free harbor crystal-clear and crystal-clean flat waters.

Liked it

tracy sardelli

Apr 19th, 2008

really captivating, i especially like the Taal Lake and Volcano & Mines view park.


Apr 19th, 2008

shows the true beauty of nature. my favourite is The Baguio City Cathederal (a must to visit) and The Subic Beaches

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 19th, 2008

hi tracy,
yeah, taal is beautiful and the weather is cool, i’ve been there, one of my favorite place is baguio city it’s the coolest place in the country,i like mines view too.

hi salvatore,
yeah, it’s really beautiful here,hope someday you can visit the Philippines.

Ruby Hawk

Apr 19th, 2008

Norbert,It sounds just wonderful, If I had the money, I would visit, when I win the lottery I will. You take care.

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 19th, 2008

thanks Ruby,
keep betting, hope you win
and me too,lol,
goodluck,hope to see you
one day in the Philippines

Lucy Lockett

Apr 20th, 2008

I think I need a two month vacation here!

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 20th, 2008

i will be looking forward seeing you in the Philippines Lucy,
i assure you, you will definitely enjoy the sites.thanks

Anne Lyken-Garner

Apr 20th, 2008

Superb collection of pictures and fine article! Congratulations on making the hot content list.

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 20th, 2008

thanks a lot Anne, my first time,


Apr 20th, 2008

Great article, amazing photos, I too would love to visit!!

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 21st, 2008

thank you Francie,
hope to see in the Philippines


Aug 20th, 2008

hmmm…ganda ah


Aug 20th, 2008

hay…..!ganda talaga sa philippines..!yammm


Sep 12th, 2008

i come frm the province of ilocos norte..wedding aniv namin ng husband ko this coming dec.23 25 years of marriage to be exact…gusto naming mag-karoon ng second honeymoon saan ba pwedeng pumunta???kasi kung sa baguio malapit lang sa amin at a couple of times na kaming nakapunta..at kung beach naman marami din kaming beach dito sa amin..kaya pls lang pwedeng humingi ng advice sa inyo???thanks and god bless….


Sep 12th, 2008

sana lang matulungan mo akong makapag decide kung saan kami pwedeng pumunta……thanks…..

nobert soloria bermosa

Sep 12th, 2008

hi Ivan,
wow,amazing accomplishment,congrats to both of you,imagine 25 yrs,so you’ll be celebrating your silver wedding anniv,well i would suggest Tagaytay,it’s a nice place, i’ve been there before,Subic is a good choice also,if you have lots of money,why don’t you go to Boracay or Dakak. i’ve been to ilocos many times it’s a nice place,thanks

♀ em0cRat!cZ ♀

Sep 18th, 2008

ay yab Philippines….!!!!!
I suggest t0 visit Caleruega,Batolao Batangas City….
I’ve been there bef0re…..the view is really beautiful…!!!!
Im sure you will relax there….


Dec 7th, 2008

hi nobert,

do you have contact numbers of someone from Skydining-Batangas? i really want to try it.
thanks ^_~


Feb 10th, 2009

y don’t you try to visit Bolinao in Pangasinan… it’s a nice place and have a lots of beautiful resorts


Feb 17th, 2009

nindotah……………….. unta pero wala plng ko kaanha


Mar 15th, 2009

try 2 visit choco late hills..
im sure u like 8!!


Mar 15th, 2009

im ur official tour guid!!
im from bohol!!


Mar 27th, 2009

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Apr 4th, 2009

Ours is such a beautiful country. As inhabitants of this wonderful place, each one of us must take good care of our nature. Before we roam around other parts of the world, let us first visit the many undeniably beautiful sights that the philippines has and in return we will be helping the tourism business of our own country.


Jun 29th, 2009

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Jul 2nd, 2009

A paradise.

jhubert pamisa

Jul 18th, 2009

hai.!! i want to go all tourist spots in the philipines but ihave small time add me for my friendster punkizta_jhubert11@yahoo.com and thankyou guyss

jhubert pamisa

Jul 18th, 2009

i love you katreen
ingatz ka lage

jhubert pamusa

Jul 18th, 2009

guys.!! visit the boracay in philipines in albay

katreen esmedina

Aug 6th, 2009

i love you too jhubert pamisa!
ur my everything!

tekcur ka lagi!
muah2 ..

kat :]


Sep 1st, 2009

y dont you try the 7 falls of lake sebu in south cotabato…. for a change lang… and the water tubing of Maitum Sarangani Province. TY


Oct 15th, 2009

i like baguio city…and other place here in the philippines…my mother land…


Oct 16th, 2009

i like in the batangas because tha place are the most fresh in procreation of life

katreen esmedina

Nov 21st, 2009

waaahh ..!!
di na c jhubert ung love cuu
iba naah!!
c king aikie jay k. tan!!
aii labb u ..

Madel dangaran

Jan 18th, 2010

wat is the top tourist destination dba cam sur??


Feb 16th, 2010

Thanks for sharing, Norbert. I’m from Mindanao (a Misamisnon) -grew up there and want to go back to retire there someday. So laid back, outstanding sea food and tropical fruits.. and let’s not forget the San Miguel beer. My hubby loves it!


Apr 16th, 2010

I suggest that you should try to go to Bacolod as well, won of the most beautiful places in the philippines wehave a lot of wonderful places like churches, water falls, great food, wonderful people, we have a lot of resorts as well and fiestas that you can attend, I suggest you should visit La Carlota City since this may they well be celebrating their Pasalamat fisteval.


Apr 23rd, 2010

bkit ba ang dami niung cnasuggest na beautiful places in the philippines?bkit hndi niu itry ang whole province ng palawan?!palawan is the philippines\’ last frontier!the best and world class beaches and resorts can only be found in palawan!the real paradise!dat\’s all.sana guys mkpnta kau ng palawan.4 melng ha.palawan is da most beautiful place in da the phillipines.!i hope u enjoy!

Charles Horvath

May 31st, 2010

I am trying to contact information about the Sky Diving club in Tanauan, Batangas. Any and all help would be appreciated.


Aug 16th, 2010

hello sir robert!
may i ask for your permission if we could use this article of yours as a source for our prospect project of making a 2011 calendar? we are doing this to raise funds for our foundation to better help the street kids..
i hope you dont mind us getting some ideas from your inputs here.
hoping for a response!
thank you and God Bless!

nobert soloria bermosa

Aug 16th, 2010

hi julie, it’s Nobert..not robert…yeah,sure…all the time..no problem with that…Good luck and God bless your project…


Dec 25th, 2010

.i agree with rodz!!palawan is a real paradise…a paradise that cannot be compare with baguio,boracay,batangas,bohol,bacolod,camarines sur,etc..a vey unique paradise!!!!!!…….I LOVE PALAWAN!!!!!!!


Dec 29th, 2010

i love baguio so cool!been there once but hopefully could comeback,im originally from mindanao but living in UK i love camiguin island as well but i love my hometown cagayan de oro city and my relatives in Bukidnon!!!


Jan 8th, 2011

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Mar 2nd, 2011



Mar 23rd, 2011

Tagaytay is really one of the best place in the Philippines. Last year we went there though it was unplanned, yet my experience its worth keeping!!! one of the beautiful place to see for those nature lover, just like me!!! This summer we plan to visit again to feel its cool ambiance and to view some of the places we have’nt seen yet.


Mar 23rd, 2011

I wish of visiting most of the beautiful, interesting and close to nature places in our motherland in due time…As the schedule permits…My first love is Baguio because I have not been there, it was my childhood memory back then to go there if ever..This time maybe i can coz I’m working in greater Manila..Yeeehhey!!! My dadah told me we can make it this time-summer?? Hmmmm.yahh


Apr 12th, 2011

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rafiel dilo

Jul 28th, 2011

There are many beautiful tourist destination/attraction in the Philippines, that’s why i love my own country, and i proud to be a Filipino.


Aug 14th, 2012

ang ganda naman…gusto kung pumunta jahn….

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