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Extreme Outdoor Activities in Philippines

by CutestPrincess on 14/02/10 at 11:48 am

In 2009, we satiated our senses with surfing, parkour and racing. This year, make way for these emerging extreme outdoor activities.

In 2009, we satiated our senses with surfing, parkour and racing. This year, make way for these emerging extreme outdoor activities.

1. White water rafting

While Nepal and Borneo have been white water rafting favorites for years, our own rivers have started to attract tourists as well. In 1997, Ned Sickles discovered the Chico River’s potential for becoming a world-class destination for this outdoor sport. After spotting the river via the satellite map, Sickles, along with friends, traveled from Oregon to the Cordilleras to see how its currents fare.

The Philippines is now prime destination for whitewater enthusiasts. June to early march is the ideal period for rafting, while July to January is peak whitewater rafting months. You ca go to Chico River, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, Antique or Quezon Province.

2. Sea kayaking

You can opt for a laidback paddling against a backdrop of villages or mangrove swamps, or you can go to rugged east coast and brave the monster waves. This outdoor activity is great because almost anyone can do it. After learning the basics, young and old and even the handicapped can go sea kayaking. There are also almost no predictions-sea kayaking may be done from January to December. It also provides good exercise for the arms, back and abdomen. What’s even better is that there is no gas, fumes or noise to consider. Head to Caramoan, Palawan, Samar and Siargao to experience the waves.

3. Wreck diving

Subic Bay has a number of wreck dive sites consisting mostly of vessels from the World War II era such as huge battleships, sea patrol boats, supply ships, antique steam ships, landing amphibians, crashed planes and submarines. Among the wreckage that can be found in the Subic wreck sites ar4e the San Quintin vessel ( a 16th century Spanish galleon) and a Chinese junk ship. The Calamianes Group of Islands also offers good wreck dive sites.

4. Aerial sports

If getting wet isn’t your thing, perhaps you might want to give aerial sports a try. Skydiving, Ultralight Aircraft and the more common hot air balloons are all a few hours from Manila. Angeles City in Pampanga and Tanauan in Batangas are the places to go to. Whatever you decide to do, get off the couch and have yourself an adventure in the great outdoors.

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