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Philippine Wonders of Nature

by Leo Reyes on 22/06/08 at 5:08 am

The wonders of nature found in the Philippines. Some of the featured places are included in the on-going search for the seven wonders of the world.

If you are a nature lover, you will like it here in the Philippines. It is here where some of the most beautiful wonders of nature are found. These world-renowned wonders of nature are sights to behold and to enjoy by citizens of the world.

Listed here are some of the great wonders of nature found in the Philippines. I have chosen 10 places that in my opinion are the best places to see in the country.

Banaue Rice Terraces

This beautiful place is located in the northern part of the country. This wonder of nature is known to Filipinos as the 8th wonder of the world. This rice terraces has been carved into the mountains by the indigenous people of Mountain Province and Ifugao more than 2000 years ago. The Banaue Rice Terraces is included in the Unesco World Heritage List in 1995.

Tubbataha Reef Marine Park

This Unesco World Heritage-listed marine park is located in the Municipality of Cagancillio, Province of Palawan. Tubbataha is made of about 10,000 coral reefs lying in the middle of Sulo Sea. Tubbataha is a nesting place for green sea turtles. It has almost 500 species of fish, about 45 species of birds, 9 species of dolphins and whales and it has about 400 species of corals.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

This great wonder of nature is another sight to enjoy. It is located in Palawan, Puerto Princesa, about 50 kilometers north of the Capital City. It has about 8 kilometers of navigable Underground River considered to be the longest in the world and features a limestone karsts mountain landscape. The river winds through a cave before it flows directly to the sea. This underground river has several chambers and also contains major formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Like the Tubbataha Reef, this nature park is included in the Unesco Heritage List.

Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills is located in Bohol, Philippines. It is made up of around 268 small cone-shaped hills that are almost of the same size and spread over an area of about 50 square kilometers. These coned-shaped hills are covered with grass and turns brown like a dark colored chocolate during summertime

Mayon Volcano

Mount Mayon is located is located in the province of Albay and about 15 kilometers northwest of the capital city of Legaspi.

Mount Mayon is an active volcano and has erupted about 47 times in the last 400 years. The volcano is known the world over as the most perfect cone shape volcano.

The most destructive eruption of Mount Mayon occurred in 1814 when lava flows emanating from the volcano buried the nearby town of Cagsawa, leaving only the bell tower of the church visible from the ground.. In this worst eruption, more than 2,000 people died.

Boracay Beach

Boracay Island is located in the province of Aklan with a land area of about 10 square kilometers. The island is famous for its powdery white sand and now considered as one of the best beaches in the world. From an unknown travel destination years ago, Boracay is now teeming with upscale tourists from all over the world.

Siargao Island

Siargao Island is located in the province of Surigao del Norte. It has a land area of over 400 square kilometers. Siargao is known the world over as one of the best Surfing destinations. It is home to Siargao Cup, a Philippine and International Surfing competition sponsored by the local government of Surigao.

Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

Hundred Islands is located in Pangasinan. These islands are scattered in deep blue waters of Ligayen Gulf. Some of the bigger islands have white sand beaches and dining facilities for visitors to enjoy.

Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls is located south of Metro Manila in the province of Laguna. The place is very popular among domestic and international travelers. Shooting the rapids is its major attraction. Boatmen will take you in their banca (wooden boat) to the river upstream, go swimming and shoot the rapids on your way downstream.

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is located in the island of Luzon in the province of Batangas, about 50 kilometers south of Manila. It is an active volcano with a large lake in its crater. The lake is popular fishing ground for residents living in the vicinity of the volcano.

Liked it


Jun 22nd, 2008

Great selection of the best Philippines have to offer ! I love Boracay – White Beach – :)

nobert soloria bermosa

Jul 4th, 2008

nice post. these are truly great wonders of nature worth seeing..


Jul 22nd, 2008

i think dot need more time and money para pagandahin pa ang ating mga pinagmamalaking likas na yaman.para nga naman more jobs to offer


Jul 22nd, 2008

is there anything wonder in palanan isabela?

Tony B. Lucas

Jul 22nd, 2008

I have seen some of these places and they are really beautiful. I hope the government of the Philippines will concentrate more on developing such places to invit more tourist & create more jobs for the country.


Dec 19th, 2008

pics presented as wonders of phil.nature are truly beautiful and good to see.. i love it, really. i do hope that the gov’t will promote and develop them even better.. to all pinoys out there, continue to support our own wonders..be proud you are a filipino. be proud of wat we have naturally..its ours..


Dec 30th, 2008

i’m proud to be a pilipino so i love to witness all the good nature of our country..
because of this article . .
i inspired to love are wonderful nature..!!!!


Jan 5th, 2009



Jan 6th, 2009

I liked it especially Puerto Princesa Subterranean
River National Park we can make it the very pride
of Philippines.Because of it I became inspired of
Writing A book about nature.It is all about nature
So others can be inspired too.It is out on National
Bookstores now pls buy.



Jan 7th, 2009

hiiii!!!^___^ San@ boto nio lht lalo n ung nominiesssss sa NEW 7 WONDERS OF N@TURE!!!!!! WOOOHHHH!!!!!


Mar 8th, 2009

i love all those natures

arnie dela

Mar 14th, 2009


roland m

Mar 22nd, 2009


john clyde cagaanan

Jun 14th, 2009

go philippines goooooooooooooooooo


Jul 1st, 2009

gallenennnggg tlga ng pinnnnnassssssss(:


Jul 19th, 2009

why didn’t you include sta.ana?
maganda ata dun eh…
hope to see more beautiful places here in the philippines.

johanna factor

Aug 2nd, 2009

Ang ating bansa ay isa sa mga tinatawag na wonders of nature dahil sa mga likas na yaman sa ating bansa, na talagang napakaganda.sana hwAg na man natin itong sirain,dapat pa rin nating panatiliin maging maayos at kahit nagpuputol tayo ng mga puno dapat rin natin palitan ito para maging mas gumanda pa ang ating likas na yaman.para sa akin ang bansang pilipinas ay isa sa mga pinupuri kong bansa dahil sa mga likas na yaman natin dito.

andrea cecilia

Aug 31st, 2009

I am proud to have come from such a beautiful country!
will be visiting all of the above very very shortly. thanks!


Sep 25th, 2009

ang pilipinas ay sobrang kayganda kaya dapat hinda natin siraan ang likas na yaman

espenido e.

Nov 30th, 2009

philippines is the most beautiful country of the world.dit0 morin makikita ang mga bagay na hindi mo makikita sa ibang bansa………..dec. 01,2009.


Feb 23rd, 2010

so beautiful pero sana hindi mawala yan at pangalagaan natin para hindi sila mawala


Mar 15th, 2010

kalikasan ay ingatan…………………………

karl jay paqueo

Apr 24th, 2010

iba talaga ang pinas…..kaya mas gusto ko sa pinas kasi mapayapa…..hidi kagaya sa labas…..d ka makakapag relax nang maayos…..

karl jay paqueo

Apr 24th, 2010

i love philippines….

ariel b. dolores

May 2nd, 2010

wow PHILIPPINES talaga…..


Jun 14th, 2010

I love Philippines!!!
I thought it was kinda dirty and stuff
but it is soooooooooooooooo amazing!!!
My origin is Philippines!!!!
I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 16th, 2010

anouh ba yan lah ng iba

moises love karen

Aug 18th, 2010

gaganda naman wala akong masabi
buti na lang sa pilipinas ako pinanganak
ang gaganda ng tanawin nako po!….


Aug 19th, 2010

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and National Park-Yeappeeeey gaanda, Plz vote That Because that is the representative of Phil. in the new 7 wonders of natures. wow galing


Aug 19th, 2010

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and National Park-Yeappeeeey gaanda, Plz vote That Because that is the representative of Phil. in the new 7 wonders of natures. wow galing


Aug 19th, 2010

I’ve only been to some of these places and already, because of them, I can see how anyone, especially tourists, would want to see more of what the Philippines has to offer.


Aug 29th, 2010

i really love my country

daniel fajardo

Sep 24th, 2010

go!!!! philippines we luv u


Sep 29th, 2010

i lub philippines !as i lub my self.


Jan 23rd, 2011

It’s really WOW… Philippines. Pls try Corrigidor Island via Sun Cruises at PICC area and at Mariveles, Bataan via BIG MOTOR BOAT with 50 pasenngers capacity.


Jan 23rd, 2011

Also try Camaya Coast of Mariveles, the next Boracay of the Philippines.


Apr 28th, 2011

wow! piiinasss talaga dko maimagine n ganito pala kaganda ……. .. . ..


Jun 22nd, 2011

i LIKE IT!!! =)


Jul 12th, 2011

tnx i hope its gonna cause a high grade…

ako budoy

Nov 19th, 2011

\”ang ganda ng chocolate hills parang ako\”


Feb 10th, 2012

so so ganda ang pilippines it more fun in the philippines talaga :-}


Mar 3rd, 2012

ang ganda naman ng pillipinas:) 0:)


Jun 21st, 2012

Its more fun in the philppines talaga


Jun 21st, 2012

very very beutiful in the philppines ilove my country very much=]

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