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Philippines: As The Third Largest English Speaking Country

by marilougo on 16/11/10 at 3:18 pm

When I wrote the article about the Philippines: The Third Largest English Speaking Country in the World, I wasn’t prepared for passionate reactions from all over including among Pinoys – but it was a pleasant surprise indeed.

For all intent and purposes, it must have been only the Philippines thats been colonized by America that extremely internalized the culture thats fully American.  The locals just plainly love anything and everything about America, including the language itself.  But wait, it doesn’t mean that the locals are not nationalistic.  It’s been tested and proven that Pinoys react accordingly when another Pinoy is being treated badly by someone who is from another country.  But do not worry, Filipinos are basically peace loving creatures. haha

Pinoys are so fascinated with Hollywood, the big cars, sumptuous servings of food, out of this world fashion (which is running counter to what the locals have learned from the Spaniards for more than 3 centuries), and the culture of abundance.  And for all these, Filipinos are sometimes called a race of confused people, which is but just a superficial cover – why?  because Filipinos just know how to adjust to his/her surroundings at a drop of a hat to his/her full advantage.

There was this story about an American missionary who after intensive training about the culture of Pinoys was so shocked and don’t know how to react when upon arrival in his assigned area in the Philippines, was greeted with “Hi Joe! ” by the locals.  He asked himself if in his prior communication he mentioned that his name isn’t Joe but Richard.  When his associate was also called “Joe”, thats when he got the confirmation that “Joe” is the generic name called to any caucasian looking man in the Philippines.  There he was, trying his new-found Tagalog to a Boholano, but was responded to with a typical slang Boholano-English, who doesn’t want to speak Tagalog but Cebuano.  Again, his learning of Tagalog he realized ended when he left the Manila port and wasn’t prepared to learn Cebuano as well.  It’s okey he said: he is learning lots of things and got more than what he bargained for.

For non locals, once you visit the Philippines, you will realize that its best to equip yourself knowing the English language to hop around whichever of the 7,100 islands in the archipelago you would want to visit. 


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