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Prince Mall Opens in Baybay, Leyte, Philippines

by Rhodora Bande on 27/11/10 at 7:16 am

For those who frequent Robinsons Mall in Tacloban City and Gaisano in Ormoc City, the presence of a shopping mall nearby is a welcome relief for it means they no longer have to travel for one hour or two hours just to be able to buy something from these establishments. On the other hand, the performance of small businesses around the area will surely be affected, for obvious reasons.

With the opening of Prince Mall in Baybay, Leyte, life will never be the same again for the residents of this town. This is the first mall to operate in this part of Leyte; hence, people have varried opinions and reactions about this latest development.

For those who frequent Robinsons Mall in Tacloban City and Gaisano in Ormoc City, the presence of a shopping mall nearby is a welcome relief for it means they no longer have to travel for one hour or two hours just to be able to buy something from these establishments.  On the other hand, the performance of small businesses around the area will surely be affected, for obvious reasons.


What Businesses in Baybay City, Leyte Accept Credit Cards?


Photo by: Kneil Johann Modina

Apparently, with the opening of Prince Mall there will be more employment opportunities for the residents of Baybay. People from the nearby villages and municipalities are expected to flock to this place to do their shopping and probably to have some recreation activities during weekends. This also means more passengers for the multicab and potpot drivers.  Indeed this is good for the local economy because people will be spending  their money in their own locality, i.e., Baybay, Leyte.

Photo by Kneil Johann Modina


Baybay City’s Dry Market: A Photo Story


Is there a reason for us to be happy that we finally have this establishment in our area? Most people I know went and checked the Prince Mall when it formally opened yesterday. If you have gone to A. Bonifacio St. in Baybay in the last 2 days, you must have seen the billboards of the following business establishments in their respective stalls – Mang Inasal, JC Foodspot, Botica Cayunda, LBC, Dunkin Donuts, and GreenWare Computer Shop.  Except for those names, I still do not know what is inside the Prince Mall.  Since I missed the mall’s formal opening on November 26, I will be checking it out today.


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Liked it


Nov 27th, 2010

hmmm…finally, Leyte is catching up..nice..:)

Rhodora Bande

Nov 27th, 2010

I still have to edit some sentences. Sorry for those grammatical slips. I can’t edit this now because I can’t see this under the “published articles.”


Nov 27th, 2010

A nice share


Nov 27th, 2010

It’s a good thing that the mall is opened in Baybay, Leyte for the convenience of the residents there. However, small stores might be affected with its presence.


Nov 27th, 2010

As it is a new mall the prices must be cheap in the first few days. Have you done any purchases? Or dine in foodspot?


Nov 27th, 2010

wow, leyte is improving . .who owned this mall?

Richie Montalbo

Nov 27th, 2010

We didn’t get a chance to go to Robinsons when we went to Tacloban for a seminar.

Every establishments like this is a welcome for it increases employment and income for the local government.

rajeev bhargava

Nov 27th, 2010

a very informative and enjoyable entry about the Prince Mall opening in Babybay, Leyte, Phillipines. thanks for sharing. :)


Nov 27th, 2010

Wow, just in time for the holidays! Huge commercial ventures have their pros and cons but I hope the pros far outweigh the cons. Good one for your hometown.

nobert soloria bermosa

Nov 27th, 2010

this is a nice indicator that Baybay is having a better economy..

Rhodora Bande

Nov 27th, 2010

Fornis, I will check the place tomorrow. I hope I can buy something or I can eat at Mang Inasal.

Bobie, I will post a back link of an article about the Prince Mall that was written a year ago. It will surely answer your question. As of now, I can’t fix anything because this still doesn’t appear on my published articles.

Rhodora Bande

Nov 27th, 2010

Thank you, my dear friends, for dropping by.


Nov 27th, 2010

Great work. Looking forward to read more from you again.

Christine Ramsay

Nov 27th, 2010

It is always exciting when a new shopping mall opens near where you live. A great piece.


Brewed Coffee

Nov 27th, 2010

It would definitely offer convenience for the shoppers in your place, and also the choices for items would be more varied. Of course, I guess the downside would be having a slightly heavier traffic in that area. But one mall won’t probably hurt the laid back life that I so love about in the provinces.


Nov 27th, 2010

Nice Share.


Sarah Rebecca

Nov 27th, 2010

Thanks for sharing!

John Cornor

Nov 28th, 2010

Great article my friend.

I want to visit the Philippines next year for vacation. My parents have been and enjoyed its lush beauty and the warmth of the people.

Certainly you are a testament to the warmth Rhodora.

LCM Linda

Nov 28th, 2010

A shopping mall nearby always saves time and makes life easier. Nice share.

Stephen Nico

Nov 29th, 2010

Nice article…….I’m also planning to go home so that I can see other improvements in the place…

Yovita Siswati

Nov 29th, 2010

Looks like a nice place to shop.


Nov 30th, 2010

Good for Leyte. It’s only Gaisano when I was in Tacloban. It will really help the province when it comes to tax and job opportunities. It also have some disadvantages as well for the small enterprises I guess.

princess mendiola

Dec 1st, 2010

wow..nag open na d i?
.k2 ni dapit sa dental clinic sa aq momy sah?
go lyte go!!!

Rhodora Bande

Dec 1st, 2010

Princess, naa ni siya sa karaan nga tiangge. Atbang sa Mercury Drug Store.

dino renaldo

Dec 1st, 2010

nice share tanks


Dec 2nd, 2010

Good news for the ladies!

Sweet girl

Dec 3rd, 2010

I have introduced my new blog 2 months ago..

I am very appreciated because many people read my articles during this short time..

I hope you are one of them and follow my blog.



Dec 3rd, 2010

hmmm… a developing town. good thing they got prince baybay.


Dec 8th, 2010

Hope to visit and see the beautiful places of Leyte someday.


Dec 9th, 2010


Rhodora Bande

Dec 10th, 2010

Gil, you’re right about Prince’s being the smallest mall in the Philippines but that’s the best in town. The grocery section gives us better choices. For that reason alone, we are happy about the establishment’s presence in Baybay. Thanks for leaving a comment. Greatly appreciated. :-)

Sharif Ishnin

Dec 12th, 2010

Life will never be the same after the appearance of a mall. I do miss the smaller businesses but in the end, progress and change are things that we can’t avoid. Congrats to all the residents of Leyte on your new mall.:)


Dec 16th, 2010

hello..as what I heard…Prince mall will have a second floor soon….Baybay is now famous because the smallest mall in the Philippines is in Baybay and the giant electric fan in the country is here in baybay..at prince mall Is it something to be proud of….

Rhodora Bande

Dec 17th, 2010

That’s good news Gil. Next time I visit, I’ll have to check that giant electric fan. Lol!

Amram Dulag

Dec 20th, 2010

thats a good information. I hope I can visit there someday.


Dec 24th, 2010

I’ve always wanted to go to Baybay, as my brother is married to someone from there. Interesting to know Prince has expanded to Leyte too..same owners as that of Cebu’s Prince Warehouse, I guess. Great report, RB.


Dec 27th, 2010



Feb 8th, 2011

wow!! nice.. I was there in baybay leyte 1999..-2000
in Visca baybay leyte before ..^_^


Feb 18th, 2011

nice naman ung color ng mall pwo mas huge yung mall dito sa borongan city samar up to 4rth floor, soon we will have an SM CITY BORONGAN


Mar 7th, 2011

hello are you sure SM sa borongan baka sa Tacloban lang?ok lang.

Rhodora Bande

Mar 7th, 2011

Gil, I don’t have any idea. Check na lang natin ang Borongan in the coming months.


Mar 14th, 2011

yah,,,, dapat last year pa an SM kaso regarding han pagbawi han city pwo now tuloy nah


Mar 21st, 2011

thnx 4 appreciating prince baybay rwst assure we will bmore productive in our work God bless!!


Mar 23rd, 2011


just try that link that would be the image of wilsam city mall borongan pwo it was totaly donew kci 2004 pa nag open sa borongan


Feb 18th, 2012

Yes it started Ok but now you cannot get half the things in the grocery so its back to Gaisano in Cebu or Metro or any where in Cebu. All Prince mall has is miles of stock they cannot sell in Cebu. Well help is on the way, you guess?? Better to go back to EKS at least they have stuff occasionally etc etc


Mar 6th, 2012

The place is now overcrowded. I want how they arranged their stuffs before. Now it just looks like a market. It is not a mall. Not even a department store. But I like some of the blouses they sell in the clothes section. Better than ukay-ukay. ThaT IS the only thing I like. Who got the multicab, by the way? Do you have an idea?

rey falcon

Dec 12th, 2012

ambisyoso kanaman taga borongan ka pano mgkaka sm city dyan kahit nga wilsam dyan nilalangaw na maliit lang tsaka bat naman susugal ang sm dyan hello huron pa it boronggan bsan gaisano la di magagad pagkada k lalangawon la guti pgad tawo dda okay?

rey falcon

Dec 12th, 2012

ano konexon hit pagbawi hit pagkasyudad ht pag tindog hit sm? ma 2013 na hain man ito na sm city borongan?

rey falcon

Dec 14th, 2012

ewan ko lang bakit mall na tawag natin sa mga establisment like ung prince, wilsam or even ung gaisano kung mababasa yan ng mga taga cebu or manila magiging katawatawa lang kayo parang shoping center lang ang mga yan e icompare ang mga yan sa robinsons f matatawag mong mall ang mga yan be realistic naman po tayo hindi pa nga matatawag ang mga yan na department store, mahiya naman po tayo okay?


Dec 14th, 2012

sm city borongan ha hello okay kalang ang taas naman ng pangarap mo cguro 30 years baka nga pero i doubt it konti pa mga tao dyan


Dec 15th, 2012

Rey Falcon, kasi naman bago pa nagbukas yung Prince sa Baybay, Prince Mall ang nakasulat sa mga streamers. Baka original plan nila “mall” tlaga ang itatayo dito. Pero wag kang mag-alala dahil alam naming mga taga Baybay na hindi mall yung Prince.

rey falcon

Dec 19th, 2012

yun na nga e alam na natin na hindi nga mall bakit sasakyan pa natin dba?


Dec 19th, 2012

i think tama naman si rey falcon ewan ko lang din sa owner ng prince alam naman nilang parang tiange lang yan e tatawagin pang prince mall hindi naman tayo ganun kapromdi para pasakyin nila


Dec 20th, 2012

Hello mga kababayan,

Salamat po sa pagdaan at sa pagcomment dito. 2010 pa po nasulat ito, noong kabubukas pa lang ng Prince, kaya meron pang Mall na nakakabit sa pangalan ng establishment. Di ko lang talaga mabago ang title ng post na ito. Pero kung tungkol lang sa word na yan, di naman talaga isyu yung pangalan dahil sa pagkakaalam ko wala na pong tumatawag na Prince Mall sa Prince. In-explain na ni Tagabasa kung bakit ko ginamit yung Prince Mall. Sorry po kung may misunderstanding na nangyari. Thanks again for stopping by.


Dec 26th, 2012

kung titngnan natin sa baybay wikipedia e prince mall din tawag dun so hindi pwedeng sabihin na walang tumatawag na prince mall na taga baybay pinapaganda lang cguro ng me ari yung pangalan para bumenta yung lugar kahit mali nagiging katawa tawa lang e kahit yung mga comments dito sa itaas e mall na tawag, nasubrahan lang cguro sa tuwa yung mga tao kasi po naman sa tagal nang panahon hangang maging syudad na ang baybay e konti lang yung developments.

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