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Seven Places to Visit in the Philippines

by MgaArtikuloNiGigi on 09/05/08 at 7:31 am

These are seven famous places you need to consider when you come visit the Philippines Islands.

  1. Boracay Island – is famous of its 7 km white powdery sand which never gets hot. You can have a massage on the beach while enjoying fresh fruit shakes. Go snorkeling and diving or join the different water sports. You can also visit the Bat cave, white or long beach, Puka beach, and Mt. Luho which you can enjoy the breath taking view of the island from above.
  2. Banaue , Ifugao – is famous for the Banaue Rice Terraces which is the 8th wonder of the world. Built by the natives of the region over 2000 years ago with the use of the crudest wooden tools. While in the area, you can go to Sagada and see the famous ancient burial caves and hanging coffins, astonishing limestone formations at Sumaging Caves and the Bontoc Museum.
  3. Bohol and Panglao Island – Be mesmerized by the famous Chocolate Hills, these are 1268 limestone hills that is covered with grass which dries up in the summer that the hills turns brown that transforms these hills into chocolate kisses look a like. Here you will also find the Tarsier, which is the world’s smallest primate with big hands and huge eyes. They can be found at the Tarsier Preservation Center in Canapnapan. You can also visit the old Colonial Spanish churches that were made from coral stone. They are also famous for their Ube jam, a delicacy. To the south part of Bohol Island you will find the Panglao Island which blessed with white sand beaches. In the west of Panglao is the Balicasag Island which is famous for diving spots that are surrounded by reef that drops away to impressive submarine cliffs which goes as deep as 50 meters.
  4. Northern Palawan – is known as the last frontier of the Philippines and an eco tourist destination. Activities and sights are all connected with nature. Palawenos are very committed to protecting the wildlife and the environment in their area. You can enjoy seing the limestone cliffs, caves during your island hopping. Palawan also has the best diving spots and best coral reefs in the Philippines. St. Paul Underground River is one to visit also.
  5. Corregidor – this place served as the most vital harbor defenses of Manila and was the last place to fall into the hands of the Japanese during World War II. There are still different gun batteries, shell of a mile long barracks which up to now still stands, the Pacific memorial, and the famous Malinta Tunnel are the points of interest in the Corregidor Island.
  6. Siargao Island- this is a surfing haven for surf fanatics. Surfers say that the Cloud 9 break is among the best in the world. The unparalleled surf of Siargao is a magnet for different activities like deep sea fishing, kayaking, sailing, and windsurfing. Suhoton Cave is also a good place to visit when you are there for its blue lagoon.
  7. Puerto Galera – is excellent for sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. This island is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful corals and its friendly natives. You can also visit the Mangyan Tribal Village which is famous for basket weaving. You can also take a dip at the Tamaraw falls or go island hopping to see corals, giant clams, and the white tip shark cave. For more experience divers, they can enjoy canyoning.
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Nov 25th, 2010

Please include Camiguin Island. Beautiful Island and the white island there is a piece of heaven on earth. There 2 near provinces, Cagayan de Oro has an awesome whitewater rafting adventure and Bukidnon has the longest dual zipline in Asia. 840 m of wiring fun! =)

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