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The Richest Municipalities in The Philippines

by nobert soloria bermosa on 09/07/11 at 10:23 pm

Here’s a list of the wealthiest towns of the Philippines.

The richest municipalities in the Philippines are all located in the nearby provinces of Metro Manila specifically in the CALABARZON area. These towns have the highest annual income according to the Commission on Audit.

Here’s a list of the wealthiest towns of the Philippines.

1.) Cabuyao, Laguna – P593, 166,000

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Cabuyao is a municipality in the province of Laguna in Region IV-A which is known as CALABARZON. This first-class urbanized municipality, which is located 46 km south of Metro Manila, has its own university – the University of Cabuyao with 7 other colleges. It is presently the “Richest Municipality of the Philippines”. Charice Pempengco is from Cabuyao.

2.) Cainta, Rizal – P490, 000,000

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Cainta is a town in Rizal located east of Metro Manila. This first-class urban municipality is one of the oldest towns in the country founded in 1571 CE. It is the second most populous municipality in the Philippines with a population of 289,833 people. With an income of income of PhP490 million makes it the second richest municipality in the country.

3.) Bacoor, Cavite – P456, 586,000

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Bacoor is a progressive town in Cavite. This first-class urban municipality has a population of 441,197 people. This coastal town is 16 kilometers away from Manila, the country’s capital. SM Bacoor is the first SM Mall in the province of Cavite.

4.) Gen.Trias, Cavite – P415, 854,000

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Cavite is a progressive province in the Philippines and one of its wealthiest towns is Gen Trias. It was formerly known as San Francisco de Malabon. Banda San Francisco de Malabon now known as Banda Matanda is known for being the first marching band to play the Philippine National Anthem.

5.) Rosario, Cavite – P408, 431,000

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Rosario is another Cavite town which is one of the richest in the archipelago. This first-class urban municipality has a population of 94,228 people. It is located 30 km away from the city of Manila.

6.) Imus, Cavite – P370, 338,000

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Imus, the new provincial capital of Cavite is also a progressive town. This first-class municipality has a population of 253,158 people. It is the hometown of the “Revillas”. Senator Panfilo Lacson is also from Imus. Imus is nicknamed as the “Flag and Christmas Capital of the Philippines”.

7.) Rodriguez, Rizal – P310, 272,000

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Another progressive town in the province of Rizal is Rodriguez. It is formerly known as Montalban. Its present name was derived from the family name of Eulogio Rodriguez, one of the earliest prominent political leaders in the town. Rodriguez is the largest town of Rizal. It is currently ranks as the 7th-richest municipality in the Philippines, with an annual income of Php 310 million

8.) Carmona, Cavite – P298, 740,000

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Carmona is a town located also in Cavite and is one of the richest towns in the country. This first-class urban municipality has a population of 78,852 people. It is the location of Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club. The town was awarded as 2010 Most Business Friendly Municipality in the Philippines Award from PCCI.

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Jul 10th, 2011

Great article Nobert! Nice pictures of the Phillipines, hopefully I can visit one day!

Allen Bernard Pilapil

Jul 10th, 2011

Wow I didn’t know my home town was one of the wealthiest town. thanks Nobert!

James DeVere

Jul 10th, 2011

Beautiful pictures; the Phillipines never ceases her surprises. j


PR Mace

Jul 10th, 2011

Interesting article. I have a friend from the Philippines, it’s nice to see what her homeland is like. Thank you, Nobert.


Jul 10th, 2011



Jul 10th, 2011

Amazing pictures and information.


Jul 10th, 2011

Nice Share


Jul 10th, 2011

Enjoyable presentation.

Brenda Nelson

Jul 10th, 2011

I have never been to the Philippines so am not familiar with these areas, but thanks for the info.

James Henry Abrina

Jul 19th, 2011

I was somehow expecting to see my town. LOL

The Bling

Jul 20th, 2011

I am not surprised my town is not included. But I love it anyway. Thanks for this info.


Jul 24th, 2011

progressive tlga sa cavite…


Aug 4th, 2011

Cavite.. Overall.. hehe!

Socorro Lawas

Sep 17th, 2011

Are you a Filipino like me?

christopher cecilia

Oct 15th, 2011

wow cabuyao.. number one.. soon to be city na…


May 16th, 2012

wow! cabuyao is now a city! proud to be! :)


Jun 17th, 2012

Are you from cavite ? are you just so proud of your highly populated province , you never mentioned any megacities like manila or qc >.
Cavite is just a highly populated province .
you did not even mention makati ?
And your source is from the commission of audit ?


Aug 4th, 2012

Kathy, municipalities lang ang pinag-uusapan dito.


Aug 4th, 2012

CABUYAO IS NOW OFFICIALLY A CITY! It is no longer be the Richest Municipality in the Philippines. Mabuhay ang Lungsod ng Kabuyaw!

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