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The Top Five Island Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

by nobert soloria bermosa on 11/03/08 at 11:05 am

To ensure a 100% satisfaction-guaranteed summer vacation, here’s a list of island tourists destinations in the Philippines. For a wonderful and unforgettable summer experience, whether you’re a local or a tourist, check this out.

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Summer is around, and everybody’s excited to spend the summer vacation once again. A place that is cool, with awesome scenery and wonderful people is most likely the most popular choice to spend it. A place where they can escape the heat of the sun, enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply watching scenic views.

  1. Boracay

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    Number one on the list, of course, a world class resort, the most popular island destination and the number one tourist spot in the Philippines – Boracay. It is regarded as “the finest beach of all Asia”. Likewise, popularly known as, “the number one tropical beach in the world”. Everyone will surely enjoy swimming and sunbathing on its 4 kilometer “white sand beach”. You will definitely like this island paradise. It is situated in Panay Island, Philippines, about 300 km south of Manila.

  2. Palawan

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    Next on the list is Palawan known as “the last Philippine frontier “. It is blessed with beautiful tourist attractions like Club Paradise Resort, El Nido Resort, and many others. The famous underground river is also here, and the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park which is the best place for snorkeling in Asia is also located on this island.

  3. Dakak

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    Third on the list is another world class beach resort, Dakak. It is famous not only for its “powdery white sand” but also famous for its coral reefs and diving that is why it was named the “Diving Mecca in Mindanao”.

  4. Siargao

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    In the fourth spot, we have Siargao, the haven of surfers from all over the world. Popularly known as, “the surfing capital of the Philippines”. International Surfing Cup is held here annually.

  5. Batanes

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    And the last, but certainly not the least, we have Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines. It is the smallest province in terms of land area and population. You will surely love this place. It is the best place for nature lover and people who love tranquility and serenity. This is where the Pacific Ocean merges with the South China Sea. Batanes is great for summer vacation, fishing, diving and hiking.

Enjoy your summer vacation on these island paradises.

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Mar 12th, 2008

WOW Philippines! Hope we could visit Boracay this summer.


Mar 13th, 2008

i wish ill be in the philippines nxt summer and visit one of them


Mar 16th, 2008

you are most welcome here in the Philippines, beautiful places with very hospitable people.


Mar 19th, 2008

nice place but no budget for now..hehehe..pupuntahan ko rin lhat yan sir..one time big time…

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 16th, 2008

Thanks a lot jhenz, actually i didn’t forgot to mention it
i was actually planning a sequel to this article and i will certainly include Bohol..,thanks for viewing and posting a comment. i’ll visit your site for sure

Paul Fowkes

Apr 19th, 2008

Nice to see the Philippines being promoted, my father in law lives on Palawan and we visit every year, a very beautiful island and if like us you like scuba some fantastic diving.
I should say though Tubbataha which I’m told offers some of the worlds best diving is only accessible by liveaboard (about 12 hours from Puerto Princessa), hope to dive there one day.
However as I said some fantastic diving anyway around Palawan, I can strongly recommend Island Divers.

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 19th, 2008

Hi Paul,
thanks a lot, as a Filipino i am really proud to promote the beauty of my dear country which is blessed w/ beautiful spots where people all around the world can enjoy. I agree w/ you there are a lot of other good attraction and diving site in Palawan and in other places in the Philippines.Please help me promote the Philippines though I don’t work for the Department of Tourism it’s my pride and honor to do so. Thank you once again..


May 14th, 2008

Palawan looks inviting. I will surely visit it someday!

nobert soloria bermosa

May 14th, 2008

hi Ragde,
it’s really beautiful in Palawan,
i can assure you that, thanks


May 14th, 2008

There are a lot of good places to visit in the Philippines and each island has its own unique character. I love Bohol with its combination of beaches, mountain ranges, especially the Chocolte Hills. One thing to consider is the friendliness of the people and costs.


May 15th, 2008

nice places to visit and do some r and r.


nobert soloria bermosa

May 15th, 2008

hi there Sunny,
i have included Bohol on the sequel of this, it’s more elaborated than this and you are absolutely right on what you’ve said..

hi halo8888, thanks, perfect for R&R,


May 20th, 2008

here in the philippines, we have lots of tourist distinations. Try to visit mindanao, we have samal island in davao city,punta isla resort in south cotabato, camiguin island where you can find the hot and cold spring. and if you love mountain climbing,try mt.apo the highest mountain in the phil. and mt. kitanglad in bukidnon.

nobert soloria bermosa

May 20th, 2008

thanks a lot zette,
i have checked the internet and found out that these beautiful tourist destinations you mentioned are well promoted.
thanks again


Jun 2nd, 2008

how about puerto galera…?


Jun 19th, 2008

my experience in puerto galera was great. owners of resorts in sabong beach were friendly forigners and others there too. i prefer and recommend if you swim sometimes to walk to small la laguna the last beach at the end. many dive spots around there,2 floating bars, discos, shops, icecream coffee spots, internet cafes. Water can be delivered to room for 8-10$ per month. Just up the road on short jeepney ride is puerto galara (town proper), and has many shops and foods to take back and she would cook for us at our room and invite neighbors.
nice experience. take swagmans jeepney ride from manila to batangas port to get there. unfortunatly there was a big typhoon passed by whene i was there and took out the cable for some time.

nobert bermosa

Jun 20th, 2008

thanks gerald and fendych, puerto galera is truly one of the most beautiful spots in the Philippines and the people are really hospitable.


Jul 7th, 2008

wow, nice place Philippines have! wish i could visit Philippines again!!

nobert bermosa

Jul 7th, 2008

hi there mizuki,thanks, hope you can come back in here,thanks again

-mae- tourism studs

Jul 24th, 2008

.. perfect and beautiful… hope to visit one of them soon!


Aug 12th, 2008

we’ve been to Boracay, Palawan, and Dakak… Boracay coz im from Iloilo… quite accessible.. Dakak last 2004… and Palawan just this summer. My partner and i are considering Camiguin and Batanes sometime this year… Its nice to know that there are lots of great places to travel in the Philippines… and we’ve been to some of them… more travels soon… :)


Aug 27th, 2008

I Love Phils!!!!


Sep 2nd, 2008

huh???????????d d nga????????


Sep 23rd, 2008



Oct 29th, 2008

Madaming Pwedeng Puntahan sa Pilipinas na magaganda Im so lucky na nakapag ikot na ko kahit papaanu sa Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Security kasi ang primary problem natin kung maaayus lang to kayang talunin yung mga karatig bansa natin. Sana Maglaho na lang bigla yung mga NPA, MILF and most especially yung mga ABU SAYAD ( ABU SAYAF TERRORIST GROUP ).


Dec 4th, 2008

AS I continue to read posts of the past of my favorite triondians, I realize how proud you are of where you live to share such an article as this with me. Thank you.


Dec 27th, 2008

why baguio is not on the lists?
you guys try baguio its a wonderful place too..


Jan 22nd, 2009

Hi! Nobert Soloria Bermosa…thank you for including Dakak on the list. I cannot believe when I saw the number 3 spot Dakak. I am from that place and I am very proud of it. Dakak is exactly located in the Shrine City of Dapitan the place where Dr. Jose Rizal our national hero exiled for 4 years. Dakak is really a place to go for beach goers. I am now living in Cebu but everytime I got a chance to go home I really go to Dakak. You really can relax there.! Thanks again Nobert.!


Apr 8th, 2009

hi i am filipina nurse working here in one of the hospital in doha ,qatar. am going on holiday this coming may i hope i can visit one of the beautiful tourist spots especially in palawan.i have been in palawan 10 years ago and as i see there are plenty of improvements. i have lots of cousins and friends in palawan esp. in puerto princesa city.


Apr 24th, 2009

i’m visiting a friend in balingasag in july and will visit some beautiful scenery around the cagayan area


Jun 2nd, 2009

Can anyone recommend the best resort in Boracay and what makes it stand out from the rest of the resort? Thanks in advance.


Jul 13th, 2009



Sep 18th, 2009



Oct 11th, 2009

i’ve been to palawan for a week. i visited el nido which i can say the most beautiful place i’ve visited in my entire life. im planning to go back to el nido next summer. visit palawan!


Oct 18th, 2009

this list is misleading.. CEBU is the number 1 tourist destination in the Philippines.. Cebu’s Beaches and the Island is named by TRAVEL AND LEISURE MAGAZINE in NY as the 4th best island in Asia for 2009. Among the 7, 107 in the Philippines it is ONLY CEBU that was included on the list! Cebu has been very consistent in the past years as the number 1 tourist destination in the country!


Dec 2nd, 2009

boracay is the best place i ever known..
yeah, you will see the beauty of nature..
for sure will be satisfied of what you will see here so what are you waiting for visit and fell the comfort of boracay

aira de jesus

Jan 4th, 2010

its nice to be a filipina..and be here in the philippines :) ) ♥ konti nlng natour cu na ang pinas!! yehey!! ♥



Feb 24th, 2010

Great lists but i think Bohol should also make it or hundred islands in pangasinan,..but nevertheless,great choices i’ve been to boracay and palawan..good to know they topped the lists!


Apr 1st, 2010

Boracay is my paradise. It makes me sad that it has become so commercialized that it is losing its tranquility. It is starting to become like Patong Beach in Phuket – too crowded, lots of vendors and drunk people. El Nido is serene and virgin. It still needs lots of improvements, but then, lets leave it at that.

Melody SJAL

Apr 18th, 2010

I’d like to go to Boracay, Palawan and Batanes.


Apr 19th, 2010

salat maat po!!! send my regards to kristen hermosa(from fiji) i’m a big fan! also jericho(love triangle :) :):):):):):):) n also adrian(sa piling mo) luv the beautiful island!!! beautiful! beautiful!

Verniel Cutar

Apr 19th, 2010

Wow..gusto ko tuloy mag-boracay pare! hehehe….thanks for posting this. Very timely. Summer na kasi.

frankie jhay

Oct 13th, 2010

Cebu is actually third best island in Asia and the only island in the Philippines that made it to the list. Cebu should be on top of it all. And your post is allabout island destination, Boracay and Palawan are the only islands in the places you posted above. Cebu should be on top followed by Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, etc. =)


Jan 8th, 2011

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Mar 3rd, 2011

ang ganda!!!! graveh!!
my nakuha aqong ideya dito!!! salamat


Mar 23rd, 2011

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Oct 2nd, 2011


philippines tourist spot

Mar 1st, 2012

Proud to say Pinoy! :D

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